After TRASHING TRUMP Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer Just Got HORRIBLE NEWS … He’s DONE


WNP| The New York senator bashed Trump’s temporary ban on refugees, complete with full on fake tears. Problem is when you are in the public eye like Schumer you leave a paper trail a mile wide behind you.

In this case Schumer is on record saying a halt to the resettlement of Syrian refugees on American soil might be necessary when Obama was president. Now with Trump he’s all tears?

“We’re waiting for the briefing tomorrow, a pause may be necessary. We’re going to look at it,” Schumer said in November 2015, as per The Hill.

A representative for Speaker Paul Ryan at the time heralded Chuck Schumer’s statement about refugee vetting. Ryan called the liberal lawmaker’s comments a prime example of “bipartisan concern” over the resettlement of Middle East refugees.

West Virginia Representative Joe Manchin, a conservative Democrat also supported Obama’s Syrian refugee ban. Senator Manchin urged Obama to not permit another Syrian refugee into America unless and until federal authorities could give a 100 percent guarantee they were not associated with ISIS.

Senator Dick Durbin’s ripped Obama’s plan at the time calling it, “simplistic reaction to a very complicated challenge. Background checks need to be redoubled in terms of refugees, but if we’re talking about threats to the United States, let’s put this in perspective.”

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