After They Saw His Phone they Were Forced To Arrest A Ten Year Old Boy…


After discovering a threatening message on his phone, police handcuff a ten-year-old Florida child. The 10-year-old Daniel Issac Marquez of Florida has been arrested and charged for allegedly threatening to murder people at his school called, Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral.

The incident happened, only a few days after a troubled teen shot and killed twenty-one people—including nineteen helpless little children—at an elementary school in Texas. The fifth-grader allegedly then threatened to carry out a mass shooting at his elementary school.

Because the boy still made the fake threat, sending a message about the potential killing spree, which left police baffled and outraged since it came so close to the killings in Texas, but despite that, he never meant to really follow through with his plans for mass murder. Marquez faces a charge of making a written threat to commit a mass shooting.

Due to his completely improper threat, police feel that this Florida ten-year-old should be charged with actual crimes. They said that he was behaving “like a child delinquent” and should be handled like an adult in order for him to finally face the “true repercussions” of threatening to murder a large number of people.

Threats of widespread violence have been made against Cape Coral frequently lately. The second was a written threat from Marquez. Reportedly, a woman said that she would bring an active bomb to a high school graduation. She claimed she would enter the graduation, attach the explosive device to her body, and then detonate it there, harming as many innocent bystanders as she could. Just a few days after a Texas teen shot and killed defenseless children.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno referred to the boy’s communications as “sickening,” and he advised him to take responsibility for his actions as Marquez was arrested.

“This student’s behavior is sickening, especially after the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. Making sure our children are safe is paramount. We will have law and order in our schools! My team didn’t hesitate one second…NOT ONE SECOND to investigate this threat,” the sheriff said, adding,Real consequences. Lee County will have law and order.”

Following Marquez’s arrest, Patriot Elementary School was immediately put on lockdown. Police are still looking into the incident and attempting to determine the boy’s motivation for wanting to harm his peers. It’s unclear if he will face adult or juvenile charges.

In either case, it is likely that this young Florida boy will be charged seriously and that he will have a difficult lesson to learn about the repercussions of making threats of widespread violence.

Let this serve as a caution to any young people who may be considering making threats of this nature: you risk being arrested, just like Daniel Issac Marquez, and your threats will not be taken lightly.

Watch the video below for more details:

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