Acting Legend Randy Quaid Just Dropped A Bombshell About “The Raid”


After what Hillary Clinton did with her classified documents, keeping them on an unsecured internet server near her bathroom for anyone and everyone to see and read, I don’t want to hear a single word about President Trump keeping documents (that the archives knew about) in a double-locked storage room, where nobody could see or read them. It’s absurd. This entire thing is silly, and it’s just another way for the Deep State stooges to go after Trump and save their skin since I am guessing whatever he has will make them look very bad.

However, for the most part, I don’t care what Trump has at Mar-a-Lago, and here’s why: from what I can see, he’s been very open with the National Archives and is working with them and not “hiding” anything. Does he have stuff they wish he didn’t? Oh, no doubt. These people never wanted him to be president — they were caught totally off guard. It was their biggest blunder, and they’ve been kicking themselves (and the country) for the past six years.

So, when I saw this tweet Randy Quaid wrote last week, it registered with me, and I feel this is how many people feel.

Randy said: “I don’t care if Donald Trump had the entire national archives moved to his southern/winter White House. He is more trustworthy and competent than all the con artists in DC put together!”

We all know that Trump didn’t just throw “classified” documents into a box and leave it out for everyone to see.

Now, that is IF he even has them. Since this is just a story, they feed the masses to keep the division going.

The bottom line is this: we all know that it’s not about the “classification” of what Trump has. It’s about the actual documents, how they can impact the Deep State, and what they could reveal to the American public.

They have just another page in the “How To Destroy Trump” playbook.

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