A RINO Tried Ripping General Flynn And They Immediately Regretted It!


Well, another RINO is trying to make up another story without sufficient evidence, and boy that backfired badly!

Mr. Everett Stern is reportedly running for US Senate as a Republican. In his statement, he said, “I’m here today not as a candidate running for U.S. Senate, I’m here as a citizen who is genuinely concerned about our country, sincerely concerned about the undermining of our democracy,”

But that senatorial candidacy won’t be long enough after he allegedly started a Flynn-led conspiracy that is wild and unsupported.

He claimed that in early 2021 a Flynn-linked group called Patriot Caucus have reached out to him to offer to hire his firm to gather “dirt” on officials and recruit other people to assist him in their “plot”.

According to Stern one of the two unidentified men informs him what the Patriot-Caucus had “retained the services of active intelligence officials “both domestic and foreign.”

A statement released reads, “Stern said the Patriot Caucus was running operations out of multiple states, including Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Virginia, using the financial support of Texas billionaire Al Hartman. In Pennsylvania, Stern said he was given two main targets to focus o: Republican Senator Pat Toomey and Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.”

“The severity and the danger of domestic terrorism in this group became very very apparent to me. It was extremely disturbing,” Stern added.

Stern also posted these tweets on his Twitter account.

But let’s not take away that in 2012, Stern is a no-name whistleblower that has zero arrests at his former employer HSBC.

Stern’s Senate campaign is also in quite a questionable shape given that according to FEC documentation he has raised a total of $11,710 in fundraising and lent his campaign some $87,147.30 and admittedly has no prospects now of being elected.

Alice Lilly says it all on her posted twitter picture.

Considering all these factors, Stern just proved how a RINO he is.

Source: Deep State Rabbit Hole

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