A New Sick TikTok Trend Will Send YOUR Child To A Hospital!


The Internet has made some things possible with just a click of your finger.

But possibilities sometimes can lead to accidents due to desperation or simply out of curiosity.

Just recently, a child was hospitalized with severe burns because of an accident where the juvenile attempted to imitate what she saw on TikTok which was called “The Whoose Bottle Experiment.”

Generally, this experiment is harmless IF only with adult strict supervision but then, everything related to fire is remarkably dangerous, considering that it could be possibly mishandled in a split second.

The East Haven Police Department posted about the incident on Facebook for social awareness of the accident to avoid.

Facebook Post here: Facebook/East Haven Police Department

After the accident, the juvenile was taken to Yale Children’s Hospital but was later on transferred to Bridgeport Hospital Burn Center for fast recovery.

The Whoose Bottle Experiment simply demonstrates the combustion of flammable vapors (generally isopropyl alcohol) inside a five-gallon plastic or glass jug and the results are mesmerizing for the naked eye, which probably the juvenile got drawn into it.

Chief Matt Marcarelli said, “This could easily have led to a fatality as well as a major fire in the house, Alcohol is a volatile flammable liquid and can act as an accelerant.”

TikTok immediately released a statement via their spokesperson that says, “We understand that this school science experiment can be done safely with proper precautions, but videos without visible safety measures will be removed from our platform, and we also work to add caution labels to videos performed in a controlled setting, though they are ineligible for recommendation into people’s For You feeds.”

Nonetheless, we should be more responsible with our children for what they have been watching.

Have you seen the experiment yet?

Watch it here: Youtube/FlinnScientific

Source: The Western Journal

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