A Mom Checked In On Her Sleeping Children, And Tragedy Struck Without Her Even Knowing It…


A heartbroken mother who found two of her five-month-old triplets dead in their cots has paid a moving tribute to them as she faces life with just one son left.

A mother of triplets was heard screaming, “My babies, my babies,” after finding two of them dead in their cot. Sarah Owen shouted for help after discovering that Noah and Charlie, who were five months old, had stopped breathing in the night.

The 29-year-old UK mom was having a busy year. She had just given birth to triplets a few months before the tragic incident took place, and then she was slated to move to a new home. As if changing three times the amount of diapers wasn’t tough enough, now she had to do it while packing up the place and moving into the location. Sarah couldn’t be happier with her 5-month-old triplets Ethan, Noah, and Charlie Owens.

Ambulances rushed to their home in Bridgend, Wales, and took the triplets to hospital where Noah and Charlie were pronounced dead. Their brother Ethan survived what police have called a ‘tragic accident’.  

Speaking for the first time almost a week since the tragedy, Owen said she is ‘completely lost’ and would do anything to hold them one final time.

The triplets lived with their mother but were due to move out as the privately owned house has been sold. Pictured, the babies in a social media photograph.

Owen said:

“We are devastated at the loss of our two beautiful babies, who, along with their brother Ethan, lit up our world. Noah and Charlie were my life, heart and soul. They were the happiest babies, they always had a smile for everyone and made everyone smile back.”

“I would give anything to hold my beautiful boys, to see them smile, hear them laugh or even hear them cry. I am completely lost and heartbroken without them it feels like I’ve lost my limbs.”

Being a single mother is difficult – especially when you’re the person responsible for three infants and the household. But neighbor Anne Way told The Sun that Sarah Owen was doing an amazing job.

“Their mum doted on them, she is a lovely girl and a good mother who gets lots of help from her parents. They were beautiful little boys and coming along well.”

“She was often seen wheeling the triplets around estate – they were all boys and she doted on them,” another neighbor agreed.

Single mom Owen lived with the boys at Wildmill, Bridgend, and was given daily help from her parents and other relatives.

More details of the tragic incident from AWM:

Now investigators are trying to figure out how two of the triplets died in the night. The possibility of sudden infant death syndrome is still an option. But they also think it might have been carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. It is hard to tell if you’re exposed to dangerous levels of the gas. That’s why you need a monitor.

Every year more than 150 Americans die accidentally from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Source: AWM

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