A Former Green Beret Said Something About School Shootings That Will….


Tim Kennedy was recently on The Joe Rogan Experience, and they discussed a lot of things from the Afghanistan withdrawal and the horrors that Tim witnessed to the influx of mass shootings lately. While all the attention has been on gun control and taking away people’s ability to defend themselves, Tim and Joe commented that it’s really a mental health issue.

Rogan talked to former Navy SEAL and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy. Kennedy now runs Sheepdog Response, which trains everyday Americans to defend themselves should they come face to face with an active shooter.

The former Green Beret sniper appeared on the podcast to promote his latest book “Scars and Stripes” on Thursday. Their conversation eventually led to the Texas school shooting and the failure of the police to act in a timely manner.

“An argument that’s, like, missing about the police is that the police don’t train the way special operations train, but yet they’re involved in combat scenarios on a regular basis,” Rogan commented.

Kennedy then linked police failures to the past Defund the Police movement pushed by progressive politicians.

During their conversation, Kennedy said: “How does it make any sense that I’m going to provide this group that I want to protect us with less training and less funding, but then still want them to be a better product to be able to protect us?”

Joe and Tim both realized that it’s a mental health issue, something that America seems to love addressing on social media, but when it comes time to actually help people, the silence is deafening. We’re so focused on the tool uses (in most cases), that we fail to identify the root of the problem.

It is interesting that we choose to single out guns, particularly rifles, when most gun deaths are caused by a handgun, and in cases like the man running over nearly 20 people with an SUV, not once did we blame the tool used (the SUV). I think this is a very important discussion that we need to have, and it’s going to be tough because as I said, all of the attention is placed on guns.

Mock Rogan all you want, but it’s these kinds of conversations that we need to be having amongst ourselves, but never do.

Watch the video below for more details:

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  1. So which is he, a Green Beret or a Navy Seal? Green Berets are US Army and Seals are Navy special forces. I do agree with the man and what he says about firearms. Did you know that more people are killed every year with hammers than firearms of any kind?

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