A Bus Driver’s Note To A Disabled Child’s Parents After He Was Abused On The Bus Will….


Receiving a letter from someone at the school might concern some parents, but this letter isn’t one of those.

This sweet note from a school bus driver details something precious she observed with two kids.

Princeton bus driver Cindy Clausen sees many kids on her job. She’s probably seen many of them grow up. With all those kids she sees, it’d take something special and unexpected to make her remember these two as she did.

Clausen was so happy to see a pair of children choose kindness when it came to dealing with someone who was different than them, rather than cruelty.

Clausen had noticed that Jorge and Anneliese were always taking the time to make another little boy’s day more special. That 7-year-old little boy, Jaxson Blue, suffers from a degenerative condition that makes mobility difficult.

Yet Jorge and Anneliese’s daily interactions of compassion and encouragement always put a smile on his face. From sitting with Jaxson on the bus to assisting him with his backpack, the siblings took extra steps out of their daily routine in order to ensure Jaxson was surrounded by kindness while in their presence.

Clausen wanted to let Annaliese and Jorge’s parents know just what a good job they did with raising their children.

So she sent a letter home with the kids praising their parents.

The note was eventually posted to social media, which sent the internet into a positive spiral. Internet users all over the world have expressed that these children’s sweet gestures are amazing for kids of their age.

One Facebook user wrote, “Raise them right and it will be worth all the effort…This touched my heart…”

Another wrote, “Wish there was more parents out there that would teach their children same lessons..”

Throughout the more than 20 years Clausen has been driving a bus, she has sent multiple letters home. Clausen’s letter illustrates that this bus driver truly cares about all of her passengers.

It also reminds us that our children can be the best examples of generosity and kindheartedness in our communities.

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