Axios first reported this news on Friday about Jen Psaki jumping from the sinking regime of Joe Biden.

Psaki is expected to leave the White House later this spring, perhaps as early as next month.

According to multiple reports, her deal with MSNBC is not finalized, but she is expected to host a program for MSNBC’s streaming hub on Peacock, and will appear across MSNBC programming as an analyst.

WLT Commented on her sudden change of career:

If I were on that sinking ship I would get out ASAP too!

Jen Psaki may be a lot of things, but I don’t think she is stupid; I think her political leanings are stupid, but that may just be pure opportunism on her part—there are many fake liberals who are just in it for the money.

Psaki likely sees everything that is going on around her, and she sees the writing on the wall.

Record inflation, horrendous foreign policy, and the Hunter Biden scandal finally getting the national attention it deserves all spell doom for the Biden administration.

According to sources, The White House Press Secretary will be leaving this spring to pursue a career at MSNBC—shocking, I know…

The official reason she gives is that she wants to focus on family, but if that were the case why is she reportedly pursuing a position at MSNBC?

Folks online also commented on Psaki’s plan to leave Biden’s regime:

Axios, the first outlet to report gives us more details of her departure from WH:

Psaki has been in close consultation with the White House counsel’s office about her departure, according to two sources familiar with the plans. She’s been treading carefully on the ethics and legal aspects of her plans.

No contracts have been signed. Government ethics rules have stipulations about how public employees can pursue private sector job opportunities while in office.

She’s also told some senior officials at the White House about her departure and her plans to join MSNBC, according to two sources.

Writer Matt Vespa of Townhall noted:

This is when Psaki, like her predecessors, gets a nice comfy private-sector job with a fat cat salary and millions of dollars’ worth in stock options.

This position does burn you out, and you get kicked in the teeth daily. The stress of being one of the mouthpieces for the presidency is immense. With this dementia-riddled clown, that level is probably quadrupled.

Sources: WeLoveTrump, TownHall, Axios

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