WOW! Sleepy Joe Really Just Said The Quiet Part Out Loud!


On Thursday, after delivering remarks on the infrastructure package, Joe Biden repeated the silent part out loud while answering questions from reporters.

Because Joe Biden and the Democrats are paying people more to stay at home and do nothing, small businesses are having difficulty recruiting labor.

Unemployment benefits, according to Biden, have not generated a labor scarcity.

Joe’s dementia crept in on Thursday, and he repeated the silent part out loud — in a creepy whisper.

This is after Biden had already given a creepy response to another question!

During a press conference today about the latest huge infrastructure spending plan, Joe Biden began whispering into the microphone once more.

Joe Biden brags about how he is benefiting the American people by providing leftist buddies trillions in tax funds and privileges.

Joe went in close to the microphone and began whispering once more.

Paying workers to stay at home hurts small firms and puts pressure on them to pay their employees more.

Joe Biden advised small firms to compete with the federal government and “pay them more” rather than pushing a minimum wage hike.

This is why Biden’s aides are irritated when he deviates from the script.

Watch it here: Rumble/VIDEO.

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