Whoa: These Armed Home Invaders Were No Match For One “Asian Gangster Lady”


You may have heard stories in the news lately that implied that Asian overseas were “easy targets”, aside from seniors. But a woman clearly proves that you don’t really mess with an Asian.

Thirty-six-year-old Chen Fengzhu is the latest Internet sensation in China, except she doesn’t live in China. She is a seafood restaurant owner who lives in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The Chinese-American woman who runs a seafood market in Atlanta was sleeping at her home when she was awoken by strange noises inside the house.

Their criminal activity must have made a loud-enough noise to wake Chen.

The incident happen around 4 a.m, on September 16, 2016, Chen, in her pajamas immediately called 911. Once on the line, the home invaders kicked in her door and rushed into her house with their guns drawn. Three burglars armed with guns broke into a house that Chen shared with a shop assistant. The robbers were so cocky that they didn’t bother to cover their faces.

But what happens next is total Goosebumps!

Feng Zhu Chen

In the surveillance video, Chen can be seen grabbing a gun. So, with her phone in her left hand, while calling 911 and her firearm in her right hand, the 36-year-old restaurant owner decided to defend herself and not become another victim. She walked outside her bedroom and bum-rushed the three home invaders with her gun blazing.

The burglars were astounded by Chen’s fearlessness and fled in different directions to avoid the rain of her bullets. From the surveillance video, you can see drywall debris clouding up her house while Chen exchanged gunfire with one of the home invaders while another ran through her rear glass sliding door, using his face to shatter the glass.

Feng Zhu Chen

In the video, Chen can be seen calmly dialing 911 after they all took off. Later, according to the police, two burglars managed to flee while one of them died from a gunshot wound on the driveway. In an effort to assist the public in identifying those two escaped suspects, the police released the surveillance footage in this case.

But the video also turned Chen into an Internet sensation, almost a folk hero within the Chinese-American community. Her popularity quickly expanded to China. The video footage was even played on China’s Central Television station (CCTV), the most authoritative mouthpiece of the central government.

Feng Zhu Chen described the incident to CCTV News.

I didn’t have any choice so I had to take out the gun I’d hid there,” she said. “Then I loaded my pistol and walked out of my bedroom. I shot at the burglars when I saw them. One of them fled quickly, and another one ran away from the front door. Then I shot again, the one inside my home also broke the glass on the back door and ran away. First I chose to call 911. I called on the phone while I took out the pistol. But my phone call couldn’t get through. So I had to open fire on them while calling 911,” Chen explained.

Chen, the small-statured woman, who became known as the “Gangster Asian Lady,” her action not only made Chinese Americans realize but also other races that the Second Amendment is their best friend to protect them and their property from intruders. Now Chen’s act gives many people newfound hope and courage.

In accordance with Georgia State Law, Feng Zhu Chen will not be charged, police confirmed. According to Cpl. Deon Washington of the Gwinnett County Police Department, “She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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