What This Sick Couple Did To A Pregnant Woman Is Beyond Ghastly!


A man and woman have been charged with the murder of an unborn child following the assault and robbery of a pregnant woman in Minneapolis.

It’s an awful, awful story. The consolation is that an unidentified woman and her six-month-old unborn baby, attacked by a man and another woman because she refused to abort.

Cameron O. Clark, 30, and Tanisha A. Dunn, 36 are both charged with second-degree murder of an unborn child and first-degree aggravated robbery following an incident that took place April 16 at an apartment building on the 1200 block of Banneker Avenue Minneapolis.

These criminals remained jailed ahead of their court appearances Friday afternoon, these two both have lengthy criminal records. Meanwhile, Court records do not list an attorney for either of them.

According to the charges, “After learning of the pregnancy, Clark constantly pressured [the woman] to have an abortion. He would also make threats about having people jump her to make her lose the baby.”

The victim told police that she was meeting Clark, the father of their unborn child when Dunn maced her. The pregnant woman grabbed her gun in an attempt to defend herself but was stopped by Clark tasering her on the left side of her abdomen.

The woman, who was six months pregnant, was then beaten by Clark and Dunn, are accused of beating her, specifically targeting her abdomen. After the assault, the duo stole the victim’s phone and gun and fled the apartment.

The woman was able to walk to a nearby store and call her uncle for a ride to the police station, where she received medical care. She suffered a broken rib but had no signs of ruptures or internal bleeding, the charges say.

The criminal complaint describes what surveillance video of the attack revealed:
“The video also shows Defendant Clark methodically circle around Victim, so he faces her stomach. Once her stomach is exposed, he braces himself against the wall and kicks her directly in the stomach. Defendants strike Victim an innumerable number of times with their fists, feet, and eventually a taser.”

The victim said Clark consistently pressured her to have an abortion and threatened to get people to jump her and cause her to lose the baby. She told police that Clark once told her, “I’m gonna get somebody to stomp that baby out of you.”

The charging document notes that Clark has a lengthy criminal history involving narcotics.

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  1. Perps like these are subhuman. They are miscreants of humanity. For their violence they should be beaten and broken in every way they did this lady, then be hung for the death of her child. Don’t have the heart for it. That is exactly the problem.
    Call a Patriot like me or 150 million just like me and one of us would be glad to pull the lever. jwstx MAGA GBA

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