What This Dem Mayor Spent Covid Relief Funding On Will Make Your Blood Boil!


There is nothing worse than when someone takes your hard-earned money, borrows it, and then wastes it on something ridiculous.

I remember there was a member of my family that wanted me to loan them some money to pay a utility bill that was due. Was begging me and pleading to loan them the money otherwise their water was going to get shut or whatever. I gave them the money.

Later that night, my wife and I were out to dinner at someplace that was relatively expensive, and mid-way through the meal, this guy walks in with his whole family. I stood up and just stared him down. We haven’t spoken since then. It’s bad enough when the family does that to you, but your own government…

Imperialist Mayor Lori Lightfoot is in the middle of the spotlight again this week. Instead of spending federal Covid relief money on the people who are struggling to get by, she spent it on something that has liberals more furious than conservatives, the Police.

On Friday, Chicago Mayor Lori (Betelgeuse) Lightfoot ranted and raved in defense of her decision to divert $281.5 million in federal CARES Act money into Chicago police payroll costs. With imperial disdain for the masses, she calls her critics “just dumb.” It’s all about the free money from Washington.

“We saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by saying yes to the federal government. Should we have said no? ‘No, no, no, federal government, we’ll incur this expense, we’ll put this burden entirely on city of Chicago taxpayers and you can take your money elsewhere.’” Instead the taxpayers will be forced to cover the expenses of “badly needed housing, health care and business lifelines to struggling residents.”

Lightfoot is unapologetic for taking “advantage” of the Imperial Palace handout.

It was earmarked for “COVID-19 related expenses” but somehow managed to cover “about 33% of the Police Department’s entire $862 million 2021 budget for the patrol division.” Criticism she acknowledges, “comes with the job of mayor but this one’s just dumb.”

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2 thoughts on “What This Dem Mayor Spent Covid Relief Funding On Will Make Your Blood Boil!

  1. This Democrat slug is useless as most of Democrats are.How people can vote for a thing like this amazes me,but what I can see the democrats elects they all deserve the disaster that follows

  2. Apparently some of you didn’t read the Eleventh Commandment bulletin from Saint Biden that proclaims ” Thou shalt not criticize, besmirch, or render blasphemous opinion upon the character of black female Democrat politicians, no matter the degree of ineptness, stupidity, or callous dishonesty they may inflict on the masses”.

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