What They Are Blaming The Will Smith Slap On Is….


What happened onstage at the Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock is circulating in every news article for a few days now.

However, according to Forbes contributor Maia Niguel Hoskin, white supremacy is to blame for the controversy over Sunday night’s altercation at the Oscars in Hollywood, when actor Will Smith hit comedian Chris Rock for joking about Smith’s wife. Both men are black.

Rock was presenting the Oscar for best documentary feature and made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s lack of hair, “Jada, I love you. ‘G.I. Jane 2,’ can’t wait to see it.” Smith then proceeded to walk on stage and slap Rock across the face before going back to his seat yelled at Rock, to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth.

Pinkett Smith on the other hand had recently shaved her head because she suffers from alopecia a disease that causes hair loss and has no cure, which she has been open about.

Hoskin, who focuses on “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” for the publication, wrote an article on Monday titled “While Talking About Will Smith’s Behavior, Don’t Forget To Also Talk About The System That Helped Create It.”

Here’s what Hoskin wrote:

[P]erhaps the larger question that should be asked is why Blacks in Hollywood have routinely been expected to grin and bear embarrassment and degradation without expressing any discontent or risk being viewed as angry? Furthermore, why is it permissible for a Black woman’s health condition to be made content for a few cheap laughs at an award show and how will this incident overshadow the hard work of Will Packer, the Black man who produced the award show along with an all-Black team for the first time in history.

Some argue that while violence should never be condoned, perhaps there is space to hold empathy for a man who works in an industry that promotes stepin and fetchit politics and asks for Blacks and other people of color to grin and bear experiences of embarrassment and degradation or risk being labeled as angry or aggressive.

Some argue that this is not about Will Smith and Chris Rock being Black or Will Smith “setting Black people back.” This is about a much larger systemic issue rooted in white supremacist culture designed to police the behavior of Blacks amongst the who’s who in Hollywood and beyond. Respectability politics suggest that equity and fair treatment require that Black people — both inside and outside of Hollywood — conduct ourselves in a manner deemed acceptable to whites. Furthermore, expressing any emotion other than complacence, apathy, or agreeance directly violates those norms, disqualifying Black people from receiving the same equitable treatment that whites enjoy as a birthright. And sadly, there is a large group of Blacks who have internalized this toxic messaging.

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“Seriously? They’re going to try to blame Will Smith’s behavior on “white supremacy“?”

“something something something systemic racism. something something white supremacy. it’s like critical race theory madlibs. what a job. “we need you make everything racist. can you do that?” “oh, yes””

“Just when you think the victim complex couldn’t get more absurd, here we are.

According to a Forbes writer, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars is because of… surprise surprise, white supremacy.”

“Will Smith (a black man) slaps Chris Rock (a black man) for making fun of Jada Smith (a black woman).

SJWs: Why would white supremacy do this?”

“So not hitting someone is conduct that only white people deem acceptable in society? Did I read that right?”

“Uh, what about whites conducting themselves in an “acceptable” manner to blacks?”

“Thank her for reinforcing stereotype of black male as violent and uncivilised”

Is there anything left not to blamed on white supremacy it seems every day that there is another story blaming white people for there problems it’s getting really old and predictable”

“Only took less than 48 hours to blame whitey.”

Read it here: Forbes

Sources: Welovetrump, Citigist, Cnn


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  1. The only reason the slap
    Occured is because Pfizer sponsored the stupid Oscars and they are coming out with an alopecia cure drug. I am so suck of the insincere bull shit racism thing for every fart and fiddle that leftists don’t like. They do such a disservice to people of color and completely disrespect them with their fake allegations to get the black vote. Do they really think black people are stupid? Disgusting left.

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