What She Showed Her Students Had Her Removed Immediately!


You’ve heard of substitute teachers fired for being drunk on the job. Now we have a Long Island substitute teacher who was fired after being caught shopping for sex toys by students who recorded it all.

The video clip below obtained by The Post, shows a substitute teacher browsing sex toys during class, which surfaced after a Valley Stream South High School student posted it on Feb. 1. The teacher, who was sitting at her desk behind the computer, was lecturing about Garett Morgan, the inventor of the traffic light.

A series of sex toys were displayed in full view of students on the projector screen while an educational video ran in the upper right-hand corner.

One student recorded the incident while whispering “Oh my God”. The video quickly began to surface around the high school.

It’s not clear if the teacher was aware her screen was broadcast to the whole class, but a lecture about the inventor of the traffic light was playing in the background at the time.

A Valley Stream Central High School District spokesman said Wednesday that, following the incident, the substitute teacher had been removed from the district’s roster and would no longer be teaching at any district schools.

Valley Stream South Principal Maureen Henry wrote in an email sent to parents and members of the school community:

“I am dismayed by the action taken by this substitute teacher, but can assure you that I and the district have taken this matter very seriously and action has been taken.” 

“Please know that all students in that class were given an opportunity to speak with their guidance counselor today to discuss their concerns,” she added.

The incident happened while the teacher was lecturing seniors at Valley Stream South High School.
The incident happened while the teacher was lecturing seniors at Valley Stream South High School. Courtesy of Google Maps

Watch it here: NewYorkPost/Youtube

Source: NYpost

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