What A Nun Saw Two People Doing In Public Made Her Jump In To Stop Them….


Two female models kissing on the street for a TV show shoot in Italy’s Naples were pulled apart by an angry nun who blamed it all on ‘the devil’.

The bizarre scene unfolded in Naples’ Spanish Quarter as actress-models Serena De Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were shooting a commercial.

The unidentified nun – dressed in her all-white habit – dragged the two women apart as they closed their lips, the nun exclaimed, “What are you doing? This is the devil’s work,” the women giggled at her outburst.

After pulling the actresses apart, the elderly nun scolded them for their actions and yelled out some prayers in Italian.

The nun even accused them of ‘devilry.’

But Ferrari and Wilson, who also star in a famous Italian TV soap, Mare Fuori, exchanged glances and laughed it off as they both found the situation amusing.

The nun then approached the camera crew, saying their generation is to blame for Covid before crossing herself and adding: “Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.”

The scene was recorded by makeup artist Roberta Mastalia who told Italian media the nun asked if the team had been to Mass that morning.

“We were on location in the Spanish Quarter in Naples, in a little side street with the two models when all of a sudden the nun walked past,” she said.

“She asked us if we had been to Mass that day and when we said ‘no’ she started blaming young people for the coronavirus and then she saw the two models posing up ready to kiss and that’s when she ran forward to split them up.

“Our first reaction was we were all stunned… [we] took it as a bit of a joke and in fact, you can see from the video the two girls are laughing.”

More details of this story from AWM:

Meanwhile, Antonello Sannino, a representative of a local gay community group Arcigay believes the nun exhibited homophobic behavior. He said, “It was homophobic behavior from the nun, but at least she wasn’t aggressive. It seems as if the nun was quite outraged by what she saw, which would be understandable if it was another era.”

Additionally, Naples priest Father Salvatore Giuliano said: “The Church has always been updating its views, but in all walks of society, even in ours, some members, maybe of the older generation, have not kept up with the latest changes.”

When Mastalia stressed the team was doing a photo shoot, she said the nun got the hint and “slowly” walked away.

Not what you expect to see in 2022.

Watch the video report below for more details:


Source: AWM

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