Wait What? Liberals Now Trying To Cancel GEORGE WASHINGTON?


Sometimes, if you give someone an inch they will indeed try to take a mile. Just look at any relative you have ever had that thought you could loan them money every single time that they needed it.

Liberals have been riding on the wave of people listening to everything that they say for some reason and it is getting out of hand. The idea for cancelling someone for something they said when they were sixteen when they are now in their thirties is absolutely nuts. We have all said stuff that we later came to realize was horrible.

That being said, there are some people that while acknowledging their true history, we shouldn’t all of a sudden act like they never existed. Like George Washington for example…

If George Washington hadn’t done what he did, you wouldn’t be here to complain like this. None of us would.

The United States as we know it wouldn’t exist. And you have a choice of which college to attend. If you thought he was racist, don’t go to a college named for him and leave the state! Those who have gone before you understand what he did and why he did it.

Many people need to go back in time to see how people lived. But we can’t do that. The best we can do is read history books.

Do current history books have what he did? Or have they been rewritten because people didn’t like how he lived?

Washington owned slaves….Because that was how things were done then. That statue has been there since 1909. But the University of Washington Black Student Union wants his statue removed.

The petition has almost 8,000 signatures. The petition also has items regarding cutting back on campus police and severing ties to the Seattle Police Dept.

The University of Washington

Isn’t keen on taking down the statue, instead offering a plaque. The university “commissioned a group of faculty experts to recommend wording for a plaque or other such display that would provide a broader context on the life and impact of George Washington.” This “would include an explicit acknowledgment of his role as a slaveholder.” But the Black Student Union isn’t happy with a plaque.

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