Tucker Carlson Takes on ‘Not My President’ Protester–Nails Him with One Embarrassing Question

US News

Hahahaha! Tucker Carlson nails this anti-Trump protester, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… You can’t argue with truth and logic.

The “Not My President’ protests are quickly losing steam because they are having little to no effect on President Donald Trump. Liberals planned a huge “Not My President” protest on President’s day. Did you see it? Yeah… me neither….

According to Rush Limbaugh, it was a bust!

Tuck Carlson from Fox News got to speak to one of these protesters from Las Angeles. Shane Saunders was interviewed about what he had hoped he could accomplish by going out into the streets protesting against President Trump.

Carlson’s question to Saunders left him dumbfounded. Watch below…

And this is the question that ended it all…

Carlson asked:

“Donald Trump’s not the president? Why do you protest him, then?”

Saunders gamely answered:

“Because he is on that platform to speak for said presidency.”

But Carlson asked a follow up:

“Who’s the real president?”

Check out the video for the answer to that one.

You can ask any liberal a direct question and they cannot give you an answer, they deflect and avoid the question completely. These kids are no longer being educated, they’re being indoctrinated on liberal BS.


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