Trump Didn’t Know He Was On Camera, What I Saw Left Me Speechless… WOW

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The Presidency has been associated with personal faith since the inception of our country. Not all have professed a traditional Christian faith, but in recent decades this has become the norm.

 There are always various levels of opinion towards these men’s faith as stories on them come out after their tenure.

Whatever your position is on Presidents and leadership and faith, the Bible does implore believers to pray for their leaders. Donald Trump for instance claims a Presbyterian faith. As true as this statement may be, believers in Christ are asking where the fruit is: where is this really evident in his life?

He recently met with several well-known figures in the American church, and allowed them to pray over him – that if God chooses him to be the President – that he’d be given the wisdom to govern diligently.


So amazing! And I pray that he continues to be filled with the wisdom and strength to make America GREAT again!


1 thought on “Trump Didn’t Know He Was On Camera, What I Saw Left Me Speechless… WOW

  1. I heard on another website a prophecy one they said he had a Christian back ground when he was younger. The website showed a picture of pastors around President Trump praying for him. I thought wow praise God for that.The prophecy said he would come back to the Lord again. I pray he does.

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