TOLD YOU: Now Liberal Governors Are Dumping Illegals In The North…


Finally,  the liberal left is acknowledging the border crisis. In fact, they follow what Republicans have been doing…sending illegal migrants to their haven state NYC.

Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis is planning to send migrants to cities including New York City, NYC Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday, who says he was notified of the plan on Monday evening.

“We were notified yesterday that the governor of Colorado is now stating that they are going to be sending migrants to places like New York and Chicago,” Adams said in an interview with WABC’s “Sid & Friends in the Morning.”

As we all know, Republican states like Texas and Florida have been busing and flying migrants to liberal enclaves, mostly in the northeast, for months now as their ability to properly care for the massive influx of people has been hampered by inaction at the federal level.

The move also exposed the left’s blatant hypocrisy on the subject, as journalists reported a distinct change in attitude among Martha’s Vineyard locals after the media cameras went off.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and New York City Mayor Eric Adams had previously warned in an open letter to Polis about the drawbacks of such a plan, stating local governments were struggling to handle an ongoing influx of migrant arrivals.

“Continuing to bus asylum seekers to Chicago and New York City would only exacerbate the challenges the two cities currently face and would also further victimize these mostly vulnerable individuals,” Lightfoot and Adams said in the joint letter.

Following a conversation with the mayors, Polis said Saturday the last busload of migrants to New York City will arrive there Sunday and no other buses were due to arrive in Chicago.

Polis’ office announced on Jan. 3 its initial plan to bus migrants elsewhere, citing earlier extreme winter weather canceling transportation and stating “70% of the migrants arriving in Denver don’t have Colorado as a final destination.”

He said helping the migrants reach their final destination was part of Coloradans’ shared values of assisting people fleeing oppression and noted the state worked with “culturally competent navigators to ensure that each individual is voluntarily making their decision.”

The three Democratic officials all agreed that Biden’s government should step in and assist cities and states in addressing issues arising from the ongoing migrant crisis.

This incident certainly appeared to be educating these leftist leaders on the subject of unfettered immigration.

According to Flag and Cross, the worst is yet to come because an enormous migrant caravan is believed to be forming in Mexico, with up to 40,000 individuals preparing to march north toward the US border in the coming months.

Well, Democrats’ states are still open for reservation…

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: FlagAndCross, Politico

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