This State Forcing You To Quarantine Even If You Are Not Sick…


While everyone is busy with Roe v. Wave overturning coverage, highlighting the rants from leftists, and massive destructions by pro-abortion extremists, a New York Supreme Court judge takes advantage of this to impose their evil plans.

This month a liberal judge quietly ruled that regulations mandating that people infected with or exposed to highly contagious communicable diseases be quarantined are a violation of state law, declaring them null and void. Endowing the state health commissioner with unbounded power to issue isolation and quarantine orders.

This means, the New York State has claimed the authority to force individuals into quarantine, even if they’re not sick.

Enacted in February 2022 and renewed since the regulations have been published in the state register for possible permanent adoption. Yet it would be madness to codify this power months after the real threat of COVID receded into nothing.

Lunatic, too, given New York’s atrocious record on protecting the most vulnerable (i.e. the elderly) from the virus.

Kudos to state Sen. George Borrello (R.-Chautauqua) and his fellow complainants on their successful lawsuit over the rule  and to Judge Ronald Ploetz for his ruling.

The rule, which Ploetz noted paid only “lip service” to the Constitution, was itself the fruit of a poison tree: the overbroad powers the Legislature granted then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the pandemic’s start.

More details of this report from 100 Percent Fedup:

Law enforcement, under this, will be used to force compliance with forced-quarantine orders.

They do not need to confirm that an individual is sick to ship them off to quarantine camps (read: detention centers.) This is fully their discretion now. As young as a newborn, or as old as 100, there are no limitations to whom can be subjected to this unjust treatment.

Ironically, the “right to privacy” between physician and patient which Roe v. Wade rested on and which liberals love to reference, is completely trampled by these New York State updates.

It’s not about your rights, it’s not about safety. It is about power and authority. Something which Democrats desperately try to expand at every turn as we progress towards totalitarianism.

As of July 8th, The New York Supreme Court has ruled in the favor of freedom. However, it is anticipated that Governor Hochul will appeal this decision, or perhaps outright ignore the Court.

Source: 100percentfedup

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