They’ve Been Trying To Sell This House For Years, And Can’t Because Of The Inside….


There are some homes that look typical from the outside, but inside, they tell an entirely different story.

Everyone assumed that when a family offered this home, it would be a typical real estate listing that would sell quickly. Everyone was mistaken.

When you walk in the front doors of this house, which from the outside seems exactly like every other house on the block, you discover that it is a complete and total disaster. You might want to vomit at all the vivid colors the previous owners used to adorn the home in Middlesex, UK unless you’re a huge fan of the color purple.

Nobody knew that a house concealed a huge secret. After all, the only purple that could be seen was in a few lilac flowers that were put by the door. However, everything inside was purple. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

This home pays respect to the royal color in a way we’ve never seen before, from the carpets to the furnishings.

It’s an excellent location for family life as this home appears to be pretty appealing on paper. It features four bedrooms and is surrounded by nice, caring individuals in a wealthy neighborhood. The interior of the house, however, would convince you that the decorator was obsessed with the color purple.

People from all over the world were shocked when pictures of the interior were released to the public.

Purple everywhere!

A couple years back, the home was put up for sale at nearly $600,000 in US dollars. The home just hit the market through the estate agent R Whitley & Co.

The inside will shock you as soon as you enter via the normal-looking front entrance. The house blasts your eyes with loud, obnoxious color choices, all of which are purple, leaving you completely enveloped in the color.

Since the era of the Roman emperors, purple has been the hue most frequently connected to royalty.

On exceptional occasions, the British royal family and other European monarchies continue to employ it as a ceremonial color. In both Europe and America, purple is the color most closely linked to conceit, excess, and individualism.

It is the symbol of vanity among the seven deadly sins. It is a vanity that has long been associated with drawing attention.

Well, it is most certainly not when it is flooded in every corner of a home, although purple has been the color associated with royalty for a long time. It just looks like someone trying too hard to connect themselves to the idea of royalty. The inside, according to the estate agent, has a “family-inspired design” and was kept in the highest condition. A potential buyer was apparently in line for the property, but there is no information on who currently resides there.

In the back of the house, there’s a beautiful garden with pristine landscaping and a paved terrace. On the outside, the only hints of purple appear in the bundles of decorative lilacs.

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