They Were Refused Service, What These TWO BLM Maniacs Did Is Beyond Sickening!


Morning hunger allegedly led to the total destruction of the interior of a McDonald’s restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently after two women reportedly missed a deadline for breakfast.

The altercation ended with a chair-throwing, broomstick-breaking brawl earlier this month, and one eyewitness captured the entire event on video.

The women apparently missed the 10:30 am deadline for breakfast and were faced with having to order lunch at the restaurant at 52nd and Chestnut in West Philadelphia, on November 3.

The footage shows two women verbally arguing with two men by the door of an eatery, then cuts to one of the female’s warnings, “I will smack the shit out of you.” The women seem to direct all of their anger at a man, who deflects a couple of chairs the women try to smash over his head. One woman is successful in hitting him with a broomstick that appears to shatter upon impact.

The McDonald’s interior was trashed with items dangling from the ceiling and trash strewn all over the floor.

Reports do not indicate how many arrests were made or if any were made.

Chasing News, on YouTube, wrote the following description of the video included below:

“The video from the McDonald’s located on 52nd and Chestnut Street in Philadelphia shows two women who apparently missed the 10:30 deadline for breakfast and exploded when they were denied McGriddles. It’s not clear if the man who was the target of their anger is a security guard or another customer, but he responded like a superhero. The man was holding the angry women off as they threw chairs and insults his way. He even seemed unfazed when one of the women took a broomstick and broke it over his head.”

How passionate are you about McDonald’s breakfast?

Watch it here: Chasing News/Youtube

Sources: Awm, Dailymail, 97zokonline


1 thought on “They Were Refused Service, What These TWO BLM Maniacs Did Is Beyond Sickening!

  1. When women behave like ladies they should be treated with compassion. When they become vocally obnoxious they deserve no respect. When they become physical and attack anyone the man nearest them should just knock them silly cold out and put them on the floor. No apology, no excuses. Behave or get your ass kicked. jwstx MAGA

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