They Voted To Impeach Trump And Now They Are Paying For It BIG!


The ten anti-Trump RINOs who voted to impeach Trump will be censured by the Ohio Republican Party on Friday.

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On Friday, a new front in the Republican Party’s not-so-civil war over representatives who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump will open in Columbus.

The 66-member state central committee of the Ohio Republican Party has scheduled a Friday vote on a resolution that would censure Rocky River GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzalez and the nine other House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in January after he encouraged a riot at the US Capitol that resulted in multiple deaths.
According to Republican sources, the resolution was introduced by a central committee member to censure Gonzalez, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Tom Rice of South Carolina, Dan Newhouse and Jaime Herrera Buetler of Washington, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Fred Upton and Peter Meijer of Michigan, John Katko of New York, and David Valadao of California “for their votes to support the unconstitutional, politically motivated imposition of the travel ban.”

Attempts to impeach Trump, according to a copy of the resolution obtained by, were “meritless political actions motivated by revenge,” and the impeachment process “conducted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats was arbitrarily expedited – with no hearings or presentation of evidence” in January.

It also claims that impeaching a president after his term has ended is “unprecedented, illegal, and serves no reason other than to further divide this country,” and that “now is the time for Republicans to come together as a group and defend the United States Constitution and the rule of law.”

It tends to be purely symbolic and does not call for any direct measures against Gonzalez and the other Republicans.

Gonzalez’s re-election campaign spokesperson refused to comment on the resolution. Former Trump aide Max Miller, who is running against Gonzalez in a Trump-backed primary, said his opponent “put himself and the socialists ahead of the Republican Party, our conservative movement, and the people in his district” in a Twitter post. It is proper for the Ohio GOP to hold him accountable, and on Election Day, the citizens of this district will hold him accountable.”

Gonzalez said Trump “helped mobilize and inspire a mob that threatened the United States Congress in an effort to keep us from completing our solemn duties as required by the Constitution:” counting the electoral votes that validated Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over Trump after the impeachment vote.

Gonzalez and other Republicans who voted to impeach Trump have faced backlash from Trump’s supporters since the vote, and Trump has sought vengeance. Cheney has been censured by Wyoming’s Republican Party, and several members of the Republican House of Representatives have attempted to oust her from her position as Chair of the House Republican Conference.

When asked about the campaign to oust Cheney, Gonzalez told The Hill newspaper, “If continuing to lie to our voters is a requirement for leading our conference, then Liz is not the right candidate.” Liz isn’t trying to deceive anyone. Liz is going to say exactly what she thinks. She’ll take a stand for what she believes in. And if it is going to be annoying for people, she isn’t the right choice. That’s something I wish wasn’t the case.”

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