They Removed Him From A Transplant List For The Most Ghoulish Reason!


“Covid Compliance Concerns.” – This is the reason why a 64-years-old patient from the transplant waitlist for almost 2 and a half years has been removed from the listings.

I mean, that is just wow! This COVID thing has gone beyond and the Biden’s administration fuels it.

Jason Rantz confirmed on KTTH Reports that the University of Washington Medicine withdrew the 64 years old patient. It was reported that the hospital made the verdict to withdraw the patient after refusing to get the EUA covid vaccine. Officials of the hospital have refused to answer or discuss basic questions about their policy. Take note, they even refused to acknowledge their policy.

In another story, A 41-year-old gentleman who suffered lifelong liver issues has been also told that his medications and liver transplant will have a hard time moving forward after he resisted receiving a Covid 19 Vaccine.

Frank Sam Allen also called Jason Rantz Show with a similar story, He was told that he was stopped from seeing his cardiologist for not wearing a mask when entering the medical facility where he kept explaining how the mask is becoming a burden for his breathing as he suffers from three leaky heart valves which really impacts the blood pumping into his lungs.

He said on a quote: “The cardiologist called me and we had a discussion. …he informed me that, ‘well, you’re going to have to get a vaccination to get a transplant, Well that’s news to me, And nobody’s ever told me that before.

The doctor replied, “yeah, that’s our policy,’”

What is going on here? How come vaccines are becoming a major requirement for life and death medications? This is ridiculous!

Attached is a photo of Frank Sam Allen, who previously underwent heart surgery in 2014.

It was dated June 7, 2021, where he received a letter informing him that he was withdrawn from the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list for a heart.

The letter is signed by UW Medicine and the Cardiac Transplant/Advanced Heart Failure Therapies Selection Committee, States:

“Your name has been removed from the waitlist at the University of Washington Medical Center. This was done in follow-up to your recent conversation with providers regarding the heart transplant selection committee’s concerns about compliance with COVID-19-related policies and recommendations.”

“We can re-assess you for reinstatement on the waiting list should the compliance concerns resolve in the future or, if you wish, refer you to another center for evaluation in the meantime.”

Mr. Allen responded, “I understand that my choices have repercussions but I did not change the policy. I am most put off, not by your decision to remove me from the list, thereby removing any opportunity to live out my life at a near-normal level, but by the lack of scientific logic that dictates your ‘policy.”

He is confident as he points the side effects associated with the vaccine as to why he remained unwilling to get it.

These mandates are driving me nuts!

Sources: 100 Percent FedUp, Rantz: UW Medicine Verdicts, Q Research

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  1. Hospitals still get about $36,000.00 for treating a Covid19 patient from day of entry till day of death. They know he will test positive after about a week after taking the vaccine. Then if anything goes wrong with a transplant they can fall back on a Covide19 diagnosis and get their $36K paycheck. The links between, China, Obama, Hillary, & Biden with Big Pharma is a very sinister and hideous scheme being played on the Global population. Any one have a suggestion as to what their punishment should be.?

  2. My post above would not be allowed until I removed George S from the text. Anyone think the patriot nation needs to address this strange requirement?

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