They Just Revealed The Diesel Crisis Is Going To Get A Lot Worse!


Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, wherein he never failed Americans to bring the worst possible news every time he opens his mouth.

Biden’s inept leadership is our consequence to carry, I bet every Democrat who voted for Biden regrets it now.

And now, the growing shortage of diesel prompts fears of rationing and haulage job losses. As experts predicted that June may be a tough month for everyone—especially long haul truckers.

The growing shortage of diesel at a time of rising demand is setting off alarms – soaring costs and the spectre of fuel rationing are raising concerns among US truckers over their livelihoods.

While the Biden regime continues to cancel oil leases and oppose pipeline construction – Americans will bear its consequences as we are about to see a peak in diesel prices sometime around the middle of next month.

WLT further added:

A surge in refineries and facilities being retired from service on the supply side, coupled with a lack of willingness to fill new leases are both placing significant pressure on diesel inventory.

At the same time, all of this is happening, U.S. energy firms are reportedly shipping off massive amounts of oil to foreign countries…

The war in Ukraine has no doubt exacerbated the energy crisis, but that too represents a foreign policy failure of this administration, and the result of decades-old NATO-led harassment toward Russia.

With all these shortages we are experiencing now under Joe Biden’s leadership, Citizens and Senators alike aired their concerns:

Here’s what Fox News warns:

During an interview on “Cavuto Live” U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart said the U.S. is in the “most challenging” energy crisis in the last 50 years and the Biden administration has “no strategy” to help the U.S. get out of record-high gasoline and diesel prices.

But some areas already experiencing an early surged of diesel prices, The Epoch Times reported:

A gallon of diesel on average costs $5.554, up 75 percent from a year ago and just short of the record high of $5.58 that was posted last week, according to AAA.

Prices are trending higher in the U.S. Northeast. In New York, the average price of diesel is $6.52; in Rhode Island, it’s $6.43.

Sources: WLT, The Epoch Times, Fox News

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