They Found Him Guilty Of Assaulting An 11yr Old Child, And The Sentence Was So Low That Everyone Is Seeing Red…


After kidnapping an 11-year-old girl, tying her to a tree, and repeatedly raping her for five hours, a child rapist showed no remorse as his victim testified in court. However, the final blow came during sentencing, prompting the prosecution to argue that his sentence was “plainly unjust” and “inadequate” for such serious crimes.

Newcastle man Brett David Hill, 49, abducted the girl at knifepoint in June last year as she walked through a park in the suburb of Adamstown Heights.

Brett David Hill

Armed with only a pair of scissors, the Australian father-of-two then forced the girl into his car, taking her to three separate locations in New South Wales to rape her over the course of five hours, the Daily Mail reports.

Hill first drove the child to a wooded area, stripped her naked, tied her to a tree, and raped and tortured his victim. The court heard how Hill mentally broke the girl, who repeated the word “unicorn,” which she explained was what she pictured when she was being tortured.

Hill held the girl captive for five hours, during which crown prosecutor Lee Carr SC said she suffered “every form of sexual abuse possible”.

Hill confessed to every stomach-churning detail, showing no remorse for the unspeakable acts he inflicted upon the innocent little girl. He even blamed being high on synthetic cannabis and getting drunk the night prior to his crimes.

In October, Hill pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated sexual assault, having earlier pleaded guilty to six other charges including aggravated sexual assault and possessing child pornography.

Fortunately, the victim was brave enough to share her testimony against the rapist. She confessed that the rapes ruined her innocence and destroyed her childhood. She was left emotionally scarred and cannot find it within herself to trust strangers ever again. The multiple rapes also made the eleven-year-old victim contemplate suicide because she felt that ending her life could be a better outcome than having to deal with the nightmare.

Looking Hill in the eye before she began to speak, the girl’s voice never wavered as she articulated the deep emotional trauma she was suffering.

“Today, tomorrow and for years ahead I will forever be scarred,” she said.

“You stole my body that day and you also stole my happiness and my life as I knew it.”

The girl told Hill she was now too scared to even walk her dog.

More details of this story from AWM:

The Australian judicial system slapped the child rapist with just twenty-three years and six months behind bars with the promise that he would be eligible for parole after just seventeen years. If all goes according to the plan set forth by the Australian judge, Hill would be a free man in 2035 so long as he manages to complete all necessary requirements to get parole. Any American justice system would have struck the child rapist with a much harsher penalty given the chance.

Judge Roy Ellis admitted that Hill’s crime was very extreme. In addition, the convicted child rapist showed no remorse for what he had done to the little girl and had no compassion for victimizing the child through the multiple episodes of sexual assault. Nevertheless, the judge did not give Hill a severe punishment. Many people were outraged that the punishment did not match the crime.

Hill claimed that he was not at fault for the rape. He blamed an “addiction” to pornography for the attack. He also said that he had smoked synthetic cannabis before he raped the girl. He claimed that the drug prevented him from knowing what he was doing. But if he raped the girl three times, how could that be the case?

“That is the big question with me, is why I did such a thing,” he told a psychiatrist.

Sources: AWM, Daily Mail

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