They Found A MASSIVE Snake In Their Basement, And Then They Opened Up Its Belly….


In the Florida Everglades, a massive Burmese python weighing 165 pounds and measuring 16 feet was found underneath a house along with a nest of fifty eggs. The discovery of this massive predator in the wild was a cause for concern for local wildlife conservationists.

Ron Bergeron, who is known as Alligator Ron, was called to remove the giant snake from underneath the Florida home. The snake posed a serious threat to the natural food chain in the Florida Everglades and could have caused even more damage if it had not been found.

Ron is a renowned wildlife conservationist who has earned his nickname because he is the go-to person to remove dangerous reptiles from private properties. Ron was able to remove the massive snake from the property, but it was no easy feat. The Burmese python was one foot shorter than the record-breaking snake and weighed a lot, making it difficult for the authorities to remove.

The Florida Wildlife Commission has created opportunities for the public to remove the invasive snakes and control their population. With the help of the public, the Burmese python population can be kept under control, and the Everglades can be protected from the harm caused by these invasive species.

The Burmese python, which was found under the Florida home during the Fourth of July weekend, is not the first of its kind to invade the Everglades. About two decades ago, Burmese pythons broke into the swampy area of the Everglades and have since been considered invasive apex predators.

The python found under the Florida home was one of the biggest snakes Ron Bergeron had ever encountered, and he had to admit that it posed a significant threat to the Florida Everglades by disrupting the natural food chain.

The discovery of the Burmese python and its nest of fifty eggs under the Florida home prompted people to share their thoughts on social media.

One person commented, “Nice momma and her sweet little babies. Just because they’re not puppies and kittens doesn’t mean they’re not cute.” Another person stated that invasive species in the United States are a significant problem.

It remains to be seen whether the snake will be euthanized or released into a contained environment where it won’t be able to wreak havoc on the Everglades. The discovery of the massive snake has highlighted the need for public awareness about the invasive species that can cause significant harm to natural habitats.

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Source: AWM

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