There’s A Sick New TikTok Trend You All Need To Be VERY Worried About!


We are all fond of these new technologies as they all bring a new level of pleasure and excitement.

From Apps bringing people connected together online, is one of the most fascinating things social media can do. Such a brilliant tool!

Well, if there’s a good side of the story, the negative side always comes along.

Recently, more and more Christ-following parents are deeply concerned about this new trend on TikTok called, #witchtok which is surprisingly sitting at over 21.1 billion views. Have you imagined the vast network of that views?

Well, the videos attached on the #witchtok are more instructional videos for viewers on how to perform spells of protection, revenge, healing, and love, how to recharge crystals and read tea leaves, among other topics.

USA Today reported that Adam Wethington, a 33-year-old tarot card reader said, “WitchTok content is so relevant right now because we learned last year we can’t control [things].”

And the writer for Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft has also said that “people are seeking something more in life, and many have been drawn to witchcraft for that reason.”

We are all seeing these activities online and the riskiest part is that our kids have access to these platforms where you can view all these practices and they are so naturally discovering things based on what they see and learn.

Back in 2019, Focus on the Family has tackled a story of a young woman, named Kathy who found herself pursuing that sense of mystery and fulfillment.

Kathy explained:

“I was always kind of artsy, different, and non-conformist, Wicca attracted my interest because it appealed to those facets of my personality. It was certainly non-conformist, and I liked the mystery surrounding it.”

She added, “The more I learned, the more things started to spiral downward, deeper and deeper into darkness and black magic. I became very good at what I was being taught. My teacher never acknowledged Satan but did say there was something called ‘the abyss’ that we should avoid.

“One hot summer night I was lying awake in my bedroom when all of a sudden the room became very cold. I started to shiver and broke out into a cold sweat, although it was the height of summer. A cold wind blew in through my windows, startling me. Now I was terrified. I hugged my knees to my chest and gasped as a legion of what can only be described as black demons encircled my head, all laughing at me. I started screaming out my Wiccan spells to rebuke them, hoping they would disappear. That only made things worse. The laughter escalated with each spell I tried.

“Then all of a sudden I remembered my days in Sunday school as a child and the teachings of Jesus. I hadn’t thought about that in a long time. In a loud voice, I called upon Jesus Christ to rid the room of this dark presence. Instantly they were gone, and my bedroom was once again calm and warm. My life was never the same after that.”

Now, Kathy is wanting more women like herself to be more on the bright side of life.

She said, “A lot of women think that by practicing Wicca, worshiping this so-called goddess, that they are celebrating their womanhood,” she said. “I am here to tell them there is a lot more to it than that. Lots of them haven’t had the experiences I have. But they can and will if they stick with it. It’s like the warning on a pack of cigarettes: ‘Wicca is dangerous and could be hazardous to your health.”

Her story is a very big example of how dangerous these trends are, learning is never an issue, but when we let our learnings take control of the things we cannot control by nature, we are doomed. So as the kids.

Watch it here: Global News/Youtube

Source: The Western Journal, USA Today, Focus on the Family

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