There Is A New Beauty Trend That Has Dentists Throwing A Fit…


A new TikTok trend has dentists on the platform sounding the alarm.

In the videos, some TikTokers share their experience of achieving the “perfect smile” by showing a shot of their “shark teeth” before revealing the end result. In some cases, people are even flying abroad to achieve their smile transformation and document the journey along the way.

However, dentists on TikTok are now warning that the trend is misleading, as filing down your real teeth pre-veneers is actually a completely unnecessary and potentially harmful step.

“You’re doing irreparable damage and destruction to your teeth,” Dr. Chad Evans, co-founder of Texas-based Smile Magic Family Dental, said.

Some clips on TikTok depict certain individuals attempting to fix their uneven smiles by using a nail file to sand their teeth down to size. It’s basically the bargain-bin equivalent of an enameloplasty—a reshaping procedure involving enamel removal that one would receive from a cosmetic dentist.

“You might file your nails and then they grow back, but teeth don’t grow back,” said Dr. Tricia Quartey-Sagaille, a dentist based in New York City. “It’s very important for people to realize that and know that sometimes there’s a different cause for why your teeth might be different lengths, so it might not be as simple — like maybe your teeth are at different positions.”

Some of these youngsters are going all the way and getting full sets of crowns placed onto their teeth. This expensive procedure does not last long and requires replacement every ten to fifteen years.

“She’s going to have dentures by the age of 40,” Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri, a London-based dentist, wrote in a comment about one of these so-called “veneer” blogs that are super popular on the TikTok platform.

Unlike professionals who know how to do the job safely, an amateur could potentially remove the vital coating, causing the tooth to become hypersensitive or even die.

Dr. Evans recalled one video in which a woman with a chipped tooth filed down her two front teeth to match her imperfect tooth’s length.

“Essentially, what she’s doing is she’s shortening the lifespan of her teeth,” he said. “They are now compromised, and it’s just a matter of time before she starts developing serious issues.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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