The Pipeline Cyber Attack Was Part Of A Much Deeper Plot!


Many Americans are enraged by the gas shortages that are affecting most of the country’s eastern region.

A pipeline was allegedly hacked, according to reports. According to Reuters, a ransomware gang accused of crippling the nation’s largest fuel pipeline operator said on Monday that it never intended to cause havoc, an unprecedented assertion that experts interpreted as a sign that the cybercriminals’ plan had gone awry.

Colonial Pipeline (COLPI.UL) was forced to shut down its network after the FBI accused the organization known as DarkSide of a digital blackmail attempt, threatening unprecedented chaos as Colonial works to get America’s largest gasoline pipeline back online by the end of the week.

The Colonial Pipeline was not specifically mentioned in a terse news release posted to DarkSide’s website, but it was noted under the heading “About the latest news” that “our mission is to make money, not create problems for society.”

The amount of money sought by the hackers was not specified in the statement. Colonial Pipeline has not responded to the hackers’ statement, and US officials have confirmed that they are not interested in ransom talks.

Many Americans blame Biden for the current state of affairs. This is understandable, given that during President Trump’s tenure, all under the sun was still his “fault.” As a result, the left developed these laws, which they must now follow.

These people, on the other hand, are on to something. We were energy independent about 100 days ago and had the Keystone Pipeline; today, we are no longer energy independent, the Keystone Pipeline is gone, gas prices are soaring, and now this hack has happened, demonstrating how weak and unprepared we are under Biden’s fake regime.

So, yes, people are right in blaming Biden for these reasons.

However, I’ve met a growing number of people online who don’t believe this was a “hack,” or even if it was, it was a “managed attack.”

They claim its all part of a left-wing conspiracy to promote the “Green New Deal” and/or hold America in a state of turmoil… Some believe it’s a ruse to start a “war” by blaming it on another nation.

Here are a few of the comments I’ve come across…

There’s a whole lot more where that came from:

“Keep voting democrat. they told you they hate big oil. enjoy what you voted for.” 

“Lefty’s are fist-bumping and high fiving”

 “There was no “hack”, that’s all horse shit. There is a plan to make you miserable, immobile, dependent, and poor, however. Wear your mask, good dog!”

 Gas lines (odd and even days), stag-flation, the misery index, and a humiliating military defeat…..all part of Biden’s 100 day plan

 “I don’t care what they say, I don’t believe that this was a hack. It was planned out.” 

“CIA red flag so they can push green on us”

 “You can bet the D.C. elites will have plenty of access to gas.”

 “Why do you think they visited the Carter’s last week? To get some pointers…”

 “I was just talking to one of the pipeliner guys this morning bout this. He works LP line says there is no way this was a hack job” 

 “Is it a coincidence that gretchen whitmer is about to shut down the enbridge pipeline thru michigan into canada in the next few days? I wonder… hmmm…”

 “You guys remember that Biden shutdown the Keystone pipeline in March right? This is yet another hoax to provide an excuse and blame it on another country. THIS SH!T didn’t happen with Trump!”

 “Cyberattack happened, but question is who did it. As usual our government points finger to Russia. Our government does that a lot and later you find it was some group or person in NSA, CIA or FBI was the orchestrator of the hit. Biden administration is behind it guaranteed and sooner this man and his party are removed from office the better for USA. Nothing good is going to happen with Biden and his Marxist group running this country.”

 “One thing I know for certain, if Russia is being blamed then it wasn’t them.”

 “The FBI is putting the blame on foreign hackers, but they are probably the ones doing this under President Harris’s orders. They are trying to bring America to her knees, in order to “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM her. Strike while the beast is weak, our enemies are salivating.”

 “CCP probably giving Hunter and the Big Guy a bonus for every day the gas is turned off.”

 The people and the government have grown so far apart that all that’s left is distrust, which is why conspiracy theories and suspicions like this are on the rise.

Many people have lost confidence in government as a result of the way COVID was treated, the 2020 referendum, and January 6th, which is why conspiracy theories like these are common and take flight.

Furthermore, the FBI has suffered significant harm as a result of the “Russia conspiracy” hoax….as a result; many people have lost confidence in the “good guys” and the government, which is a shame.

Consider how many less conspiracies and “citizen investigators” there would be if our government and government departments were honest and forthright.


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