The Founder Of Home Depot Has Dropped A Truth Bomb On The Woke Generation And….


Bernie Marcus, a co-founder of Home Depot, criticized the younger “woke generation” for being unmotivated to work and claimed that “office people” are among the least motivated.

Explaining that the phenomena as being brought on by the emergence of a socialistic mindset and a pervasive sense of entitlement; businesses around the country are having trouble attracting and keeping young employees in particular, the businessman said in an interview with Fox News.

He said,They don’t want to work. Nobody wants to work anymore, especially office people. They want to work three days a week. It’s incredible. How do you have a recession when you have people that don’t want jobs? they’re entitled, they’re given everything. The government, in many cases, if you don’t work, you get as much money as when you did work.”

Federal extra unemployment benefits, food stamp expansions, child tax credit payments, and other benefits provided in the wake of the lockdown-induced recession may reach $120,000 in certain states, according to a Committee to Unleash Prosperity estimate. Even after the programs’ expiration, a more recent study from the conservative think tank found that for families with two parents and two children, unemployment insurance plus enhanced medical subsidies can still exceed the national median income in nearly half of the states.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, policymakers and business executives debated the advantages of a four-day workweek despite the labor market being constrained by a shortage of qualified workers that is escalating inflation throughout the economy. Although the speakers cited a number of studies demonstrating that workers generally favor flexible or virtual work environments, other research indicates that the costs of such setups are insubstantial for employers: According to a Microsoft study, 85% of business leaders say the shift to hybrid work has made it challenging to have confidence that employees are being productive.”

“I certainly don’t want to see the woke generation coming up, especially the leaders. I’m watching Davos, what happened in Davos, and they’re recommending spending more money on climate control when we don’t have it. We’ve already overspent. And if anything, climate control has caused most of the problems we have today,”  Marcus, the first chief executive of Home Depot and an ardent supporter of capitalism continued, he expressed skepticism toward the ability of fellow billionaires who desire to manage the future of the planet.

A number of attorneys general submitted motions to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission two months ago arguing that asset manager Vanguard should not be permitted to purchase shares in publicly traded utilities due to concerns that the company’s goals for emissions reduction will increase energy prices and reduce grid reliability. As recently, Republicans have alleged that attempts by asset management companies to pressure portfolio companies to divest from fossil fuels have made energy costs skyrocket even faster.

But rather than maximizing profits, Marcus rebuked companies that grow enraptured with pursuing social goals, he sai:

“We need leaders who are basically thinking about the shareholders and their employees, and how well the shareholders are doing and their employees, And I think today it’s all about woke diversity, things that don’t hit the bottom line.”

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