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The Cops Tried To Burn Three Tons Of Pot, Then They Realized They Made A….

Part of law enforcement’s job is to stop people from getting high on illegal drugs. But that’s not what police in Palmerah, West Jakarta in Indonesia did when they thought it would be a grand old idea to burn 3.3 tons of cannabis in their subdistrict office yard.

But the police station is right next to a town near West Jakarta. So it was only natural for the huge cloud of smoke to have some effect on the locals. People in the area started getting headaches and feeling dizzy. No, we’re not talking about the cops here. They had the foresight to wear gas masks before going all Rambo on the grass but the townspeople ended up getting high as a kite.

It was a major mistake by the Indonesian police department that was trying to protect people from the harms of cannabis.

The police, of course, was ready for it, wearing gas masks and protective gear, but they failed to warn nearby citizens. The police also destroyed 1.8kg of crystal meth and 2538 ecstasy pills, but this time, they used a blender. It is possible that these substances also infected the people in the surrounding area and gave them highs.

‘AWM’ added these details:

Fortunately, the police did not put these chemicals into the local water supply but got rid of them in a better way. If the chemicals had made their way into the water, locals would have been drinking contaminated water that probably would have gotten them high on those drugs.

Locals complained that the burning marijuana was “too strong” and made the air taste much too “tangy.” The smoke in the air was so acrid and dense that people began suffering headaches and dizziness as a result.

While these police officers were trying to dispose of the seized marijuana, they made the huge mistake of burning it, which only served to get people in the nearby town high. The mistake would be one that the police in Palmerah, Indonesia, will struggle to ever live down because it was such a ghastly error – one that goes against everything the police stand for. Cops are supposed to get people to stop abusing drugs, but in this case, they were the ones who got the entire town high on marijuana smoke.

Fortunately, marijuana is not that dangerous. Highs from the drug last for an hour or two and do not have any life-threatening consequences. Symptoms like dizziness and headaches pass and the police should also pass next time they come across tons of green while on the job.

Coincidently, Indonesia has some of the harshest drug laws around, and certain drug trafficking can even result in the death penalty. Guess the cops were lucky because this was an “accident”.

Source: AWM

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