The All Star Game Has Been Hit With A HUGE Dose Of Karma!


These people should easily understand that we do not want social justice and politics mixed into our sports entertainment. How many times do we have to inform them before they listen?

Despite the massive backlash, bad PR, plummeting ratings, and lost revenue they received from the people due to following the “weakness” act, they still didn’t get it.

Maybe because they don’t get the message of what is going on and would still believe that there’s another reason for the loss of interest, or if they do know the “woke” stuff is toxic, but they think people will eventually “come around.”

I just want to believe that it’s the latter.

I believe that they’ve got a lot of “woke progressives” working in their HR and marketing departments, and that’s what’s fueling this.

But if they think Americans will “come around” to the “weakness” in their sports, they may be in for a big shock.

Because once again, the American people have spoken loud and clear and just sent a big, bold message to the MLB.

Here’s an excerpt from Bizpacreview report: 

Major League Baseball’s All-Star game is finding out the true meaning of “go woke, go broke” as their ratings plummeted to the second-lowest in history after relocating to Denver from Atlanta, costing black business owners millions of dollars.

Tuesday night’s Nielsen numbers depicting how many tuned in to the game were horrific. A dismal 8.24 million Americans watched the game which earns it the distinction of being the second-least-watched All-Star Game in history. Even with one of the most reportedly compelling lineups in years that included Los Angeles Angels’ Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani, people simply tuned out because of liberal politics. The ratings also included out-of-home viewing which was not taken into account in 2019 so the numbers are even worse than being reported. The game was not played in 2020 due to the pandemic.

In 1980, over 36 million Americans watched the game. In 2015, 11 million tuned in.

As you can see, this is a losing “game plan,” and yet, these sports teams keep doubling and tripling down on it.

American people won’t take back either and it’s still standstill at this point:

It is versus woke progressive radicals vs American people who just want to enjoy a sports game.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Bizpacreview

1 thought on “The All Star Game Has Been Hit With A HUGE Dose Of Karma!

  1. Karma indeed . Baseball is an American game , a game played and enjoyed by all races and color . That MLBB decided to make a political statement and kowtow to political activists is despicable . Especially so as baseball has an overwhelming number of players of color and or Hispanic origin . I venture to say more than nearly any other sport except basketball . That MLBB leadership should feel they have to play politics in order to feel good about themselves is a disgrace . It is the fans and public that support the game , in essence fan support pays the big shots salaries . Lose the fans and they may well lose their jobs and inflated salaries !

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