Thanks Biden: What Is About To Happen To Gas Prices Is Absolutely Sickening!


The Biden administration has been busy destroying our country, making America the worst by far at his hands.

After 9 months in the White House, President Joe Biden has managed to completely dismantle United States by opening borders to illegal aliens, destroying our reputation from our NATO allies after the Afghanistan debacle and recently, COVID handling is severely bad, as in bad like his own government is not liking his mandates at all.

Recently, he just made America suffer from all these horrific events after 9 months only, and he perfectly managed to destroy our economy too.

AAA has confirmed that the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline rose two cents to $3.204, the highest level it has been since October 2014, according to USA Today. California’s prices are the highest, at an average of $4.414 per gallon. Mississippi has the lowest prices, averaging $2.829 per gallon.

It was also stated that gas prices have also risen more than a full dollar since last year, from $2.186 in October 2020. What a great leap, Biden.

For the record, July of 2008 was the highest national average it was at $4.114 and seemingly Biden is following that goal. What a great leader.

And also according to Bloomberg, Crude oil prices have also increased to more than $80 per barrel.

AAA Spokesperson Andrew Gross said in a statement, “Global economic uncertainty and supply chain concerns caused by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic could be playing a role in keeping crude oil prices elevated but, there may be some relief on the horizon due to the news that OPEC and its allies might ramp up production increases faster than previously agreed.”

Biden’s motive is pretty adamant and somebody should stand up and wake Sleepy Joe!

Sources: DailyWire, AAA, Bloomberg

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