Taylor Swift Is Terrified Of The Upcoming 2020 Election and She’s Having A Fit




And her constant Tweets just show how pitifully scared she is. 

I used to be a big fan of Taylor Swift- before she broke her silence and became political. She went from complete silence to bashing President Trump every chance she had. It got old fast. One of the things that made Swift so great and special was the fact that she didn’t talk politics and hate on the president as so many other celebrities do.

It made her stand out. But now she just blends in as another annoying liberal celebrity snob.

She has recently taken to Twitter to put in her two cents on the mail-in voting that Democrats are trying to get legalized. She’s a fan, no surprise. She acts like mail-in voting is really just making America safer and allowing citizens to vote without being exposed to COVID.

What gets me is the fact that polling locations can be sanitized constantly, people can social distance, and wear masks- which are supposed to be helping everyone right? So why is going to a polling location so dangerous now? If the distancing and masks actually work then we should be fine. After all, businesses have opened back up, so what makes a polling location so different?

To me, the idea of millions of Americans who may have COVID and not knowing it or have some other dangerous and infectious disease, licking an envelope to mail in their ballot seems a bit more dangerous. But since those Americans wouldn’t have to leave their homes, I guess liberals don’t care about the people counting the ballots or the postal service workers having to handle those envelopes. I guess in Taylor Swift and her fellow liberal friend’s minds it’s okay if the workers get COVID, as long as their multi-million dollar faces don’t ingest the germs.

Through their mask. That they guilt-trip everyone into wearing to protect others. 

All that it does is show how scared she and other liberals are of Trump losing. The amount of voter fraud that is going to come out of mail-in voting is enormous. Dead people will be able to vote. People that aren’t legal to vote, will be voting. It’ll be an illegal mess, but that’s what liberals want.

Who cares if the voting isn’t legal as long as Trump loses. Taylor Swift is just one among the many celebrities willing to sell their integrity to the democratic party.

She Tweeted on Sunday, “Trump’s calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing clearly: He is WELL AWARE that we do not want him as our president. He’s chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans’ lives at risk in an effort to hold onto power.”

To me her tweet “proves one thing clearly”: she’s deathly afraid of Trump being in office again. But why? What is she so afraid of?

Maybe she’s afraid of lives being saved from Trump being pro-life. Maybe it’s that she doesn’t want America to remain the great country that it is. Does she not realize how Bernie’s financial plans will hurt her? Or the fact that he is one of the creepiest, perviest men in this country.

I saw a meme the other day that pretty much nailed it. The meme had a picture of Swift and said, “When you make millions singing about bad guys then endorse one.” Whoever made that just won the political meme war in my book.

Taylor Swift broke her political silence to take stabs at Trump and use her influence to spread liberal lies. But in my book, all she’s done is to show how threatened she is by Trump’s greatness and the honesty of the Republican party.


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5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Is Terrified Of The Upcoming 2020 Election and She’s Having A Fit

  1. Oh boo-hoo. Taylor you should stick to things you know something about It’s appreciated all the money you donate to numerous charities and humanitarian efforts. But that doesn’t mean you know squat about politics. If you did you would know that a Biden/Harris ticket is a recipe for disaster.

  2. I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year. Perhaps you would be better suited living there. Please feel free to leave, DA, because you are.

  3. Taylor Swift will be tainted for years for having stood up for the band of liberal pigs cheating and lying their butts off . It is amazing how politically stupid entertainers can be!

  4. I still think that Taylor Swift is a babe, an accomplished songwriter and a good vocalist. However, I wouldn’t walk next door to see her hold a concert for free. Give me Kanye West over Taylor Snowflake ANY day.

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