Something Sinister Is Happening In Camp Soros…


“This is a task which the board, George Soros, myself, none of us felt could wait, Time is lives when you’re in the business we’re in of human rights and democracy.”

This statement has recently shattered all the people who depend on the funding from Soros.

Recently, George Soros, the neo-nazi financer of the Dems has been making changes while he still can and putting their dependents around the globe in panic mode.

He has recently named a successor to keep their fortune in the family. Making Alexander Soros the heir apparent of their wealth.


New York Times reported:

The Soros are going through “painful restructuring,” they admit, but they’ll achieve full global domination any day now. They’re going to refocus on fighting “against rising authoritarianism around the world.” Just as soon as they figure out where to get more money.

There’s good news and bad news, they emailed all U.S. grant recipients last March. The good news was that “resistance is translating into real progress.” Donald Trump had been soundly defeated. He lost the election, too. Their bad news was buried much further down.

The rabidly Left-leaning foundation which George Soros started may be the “second-largest private charitable foundation in the United States,” right behind that guy who brought us Windows, but they were “beginning a transformation.” Kind of like that first set of hormone shots leading to one big final snip. So, their email warned, “the nature of many partnerships will shift.”

To ease progressive pain, “many of the nonprofit groups that relied on support from Open Society were getting what were called ‘tie-off grants,’ a final year or so of funding to ease the blow of getting cut off.”

Soros tucked aside “an enormous $400 million for what amounted to severance payments to organizations around the world.” They paid off employees with buyouts. 150 of them. Grant recipients were “stunned to be told during a global pandemic that they would be losing funding.”

That is a cringy move, after making them all rely then on cut them loose? Inhumane!

Could things get worse? Maybe…remember who is this guy, okay?

The New York Times points out that in “comments to staff on a call earlier this month Mr. Soros’ son Alex, 35, the deputy chairman of the global board and his father’s heir apparent, acknowledged the difficulty of the transition but said the foundation would be stronger for it.” The rank and file are furious.

One employee wrote, “I believe this transformation has already done more to incapacitate OSF’s ability to support open societies, than all its enemies across the world, during an historic and pivotal moment.”

Sources: DeepState Rabbit Hole, New York Post

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  1. Soros should read the about the “rich man in hell” before he heaps any more coals on his own head. God will show love, grace and a plea to receive him, right up until the last moment on earth. People CHOOSE to go to hell and Georgie “porgy” shows no signs of wanting to stay out of that horrible place.

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