SICK New STD Will Make Your Genitals ROT Off Your Body!


Even the known STD infection can evolve into a much worse disease, and this new virus is causing fear among many.

A flesh-eating sexually transmitted infection that causes “beefy red” ulcers is becoming more prevalent in the United Kingdom.

Donovanosis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Sometimes people call it the “flesh-eating STD” due to its symptoms, it causes ulcer-like sores.

It sounds like a bad joke to spread fear in those who have unprotected sex but it’s not. The virus has been recently diagnosed in an unidentified man in England.

According to The Daily Mirror, it is the third time that the virus has been diagnosed in that country. Infection is characterized by sores on the body that eventually causes necrosis (dying of tissue) in the genital area. The STD is normally found in tropical regions of the globe.

According to a BMJ, a U.K. organization that publishes medical data for researchers:

“Recent scientific work on the infection has come mainly from South Africa, Australia, and India. The condition tends to be found in populations that are marginalized, impoverished, and with limited powers of advocacy. Considerable uncertainty still surrounds many aspects of Donovanosis including the natural history, disease classification, treatment, and even the most suitable name for the condition.”

The CDC reports that granuloma inguinale (Donovanosis), has appeared in the US before with only about 100 cases per year. Signs of infection include fleshy red sores that bleed when touched, a dry sore with uneven edges, and tissue death accompanied by a foul smell.

The virus can be treated with antibiotics but must be caught in its early stages. So far there have been no new reported cases in the United States. But with today’s global society any foreign pathogen is just a plane ride away.

A graphic NSFW image below of the virus in a late, untreated stage of infection.

Donovanosis CDC Image of late stage infection (Image Source: CDC.Gov

Source: Rollingout

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