She Sat Dead As A Doornail In Her Car For Three Days, And The Family Is Madder Than A….


An upset and heartbroken family demands change after their grandmother’s body was found three days after she passed away inside a car in the parking lot of a hospital.

According to reports, 50-year-old Yvette Mooney was found on Sunday, August 23, in the parking lot of the Swedish Medical Center in Denver.

Yvette, who had two children and several great-grandchildren, is thought to have gone to Swedish to visit a friend.

The family believes that Yvette Mooney went to Swedish Medical Center to visit a friend but never made it out of her vehicle.

Kandra Garcia, Mooney’s daughter-in-law, spoke to reporters: “A hard worker all her life. She raised amazing children.” Mooney’s loved ones became alarmed when they hadn’t heard from her, they presumed that she went to the hospital to visit a friend, and called the cops when she never returned their calls.

Garcia said that the police in Englewood found Mooney dead in her car, presumptively while headed to the emergency room.

“She couldn’t make it inside. She thought, ‘I’m in an ER parking lot. They will find me –somebody will come.’” But, as Mooney was undetected for days on in, the family is pressing for answers from the law as to why she was left in her car for such a considerable period of time. Police said Mooney’s vehicle had tinted windows. “Somebody dropped the ball and I want answers,” said Garcia.

Mooney’s daughter-in-law resumed 72 hours later she was “blistered and too decomposed for us to have a proper burial.”

Garcia and the rest of Mooney ’s family now want answers, as well as a change in policy that sees cars checked more regularly.

The Swedish Medical Center issued a statement to local reporters.

“We offer sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones. Upon discovery of the event, we immediately notified the Englewood Police Department and have worked closely with them throughout the ongoing investigation.”

Sources: Taphaps, KDVR

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  1. I understand the family wants someone to blame in order to make sense of her death, but if they were so concerned and knew she went to the hospital to visit a friend why not go there looking for her? Why is that someone else’s responsibility? Cars oftentimes are parked over 24 hours in a hospital parking lot.

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