She Said A Cop Racially Profiled Her, Then They Released The Dashcam Footage!


Police have released a dashcam video that showed Ciera Calhoun told a very different story from what actually happened.

Ciera Calhoun, a black nurse in her late 20s was driving home to Kansas City over the weekend and hanging out with some of her friends in Lee’s Summit where she was stopped because of traffic violations but instead, she screams on Facebook that she was racially profiled.

On her deleted Facebook post where she wrote:

“We got into the rental I rented and start driving. Police [officer] pulls us over right away. The police officer walks up to the car to tell me he pulled me over for having my lights off.”

 “Now I went from confused to being just upset, This police officer gave me 2 warnings. One for not having my lights on, which I’m okay about accepting that because I was truly at fault. He then gave me a second warning,” she added, “which was a driver’s license violation.”

Calhoun not only claimed that she was racially profiled, but she boastfully posted them with hate.

“Now let me tell y’all, 3 black nurses with [Bachelor’s] degrees and [Master’s] degrees were standing at the side of the road for an hour being harassed.” She also alleged the officers “had their hands on their guns the whole time.” The nurse said on her post.

“I didn’t care for police before, But now I can say I hate them to the core of me and I never received an apology.” She added.

Ciera Calhoun Black Nurse Says Cop Racially Profiled Her Dashcam Footage Comes Out Changes Narrative

She also warned everyone by saying, there are some sketch cops out there who are willing to go by any means to bring black people down, and [it’s] beyond sad, and be careful out there.”

But all these claims were debunked after  Police Sgt. Chris Depue of Lee’s Summit has publicly shared the dashcam footage of the traffic-stopping.

“There’s nothing sinister or nefarious here, and the police officer was cordial with all the women.”

Depue also said that the woman’s post was very derogatory and her allegations were police shaming. So the department decided to publicly share the video and screenshots of her Facebook posts.

“We don’t want to be ugly about this but she is making a serious allegation that is simply not true and we will show the public the entire body of evidence regarding the stop,” Depue said.

If only dashcams weren’t created, alleged racial victims will continue to abuse the police and fool their network.

Watch the footage here: Youtube/Blue Lives Matter

Source: TapHaps

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