She Locked Out A Student That Was Threatening The Whole Class, And The School Told Her To Leave…


An elementary school teacher’s decision to lock a threatening student out of the classroom has garnered support from some community members who believe she was protecting her students.

In a shocking turn of events, a fourth-grade teacher at McClendon Elementary School in Nevada, Texas, resorted to locking a disruptive student out of the classroom. Judy Stough faced a challenging situation when the young boy began threatening violence and causing chaos during class. However, Stough’s decision to kick the boy out and lock the door has led to significant repercussions, as she now finds herself on administrative leave.

Stough’s unorthodox disciplinary action has come under fire, particularly since the boy’s outbursts included threats like, “I’m going to [expletive] kill you.” Critics argue that, given the boy’s known behavioral issues and potential mental health concerns, Stough’s response was far from appropriate. The teacher’s predicament has divided the local community, with some supporting the school’s decision to suspend her, while others believe her actions were justified.

Classmates recount the alarming scene, with fourth-grader Cheyenne Wilson sharing, “He kept banging on the door and yelling at us. I was worried, but I wasn’t crying. Most of the kids were crying.”

Another student defended Stough, asserting, “She handled it as she should have.” Despite these conflicting opinions, the school found Stough’s actions unsuitable, noting that she should have sought assistance from the principal or other school officials instead of exacerbating the boy’s violent tendencies.

During the investigation into Stough’s actions, text messages exchanged with other teachers revealed her concern for the students, stating, “Scares the hell out of my kids. One about to pee her pants.” Following the incident, some parents opted to keep their children home from school, fearing for their safety. Connie Wilson, a concerned parent, told KTVT, “I would just rather pay truancy and make sure she’s safe than send her to school and let her get hurt.”

In an attempt to address the situation, the school organized a conference with parents and officials. The acting superintendent clarified that the boy had behavioral problems but posed no real threat to the students. This revelation has prompted some parents to call for Stough’s reinstatement as a fourth-grade teacher.

One such parent, Brandie Bohmer, passionately argued in Stough’s favor, stating, “She was protecting children in that class. She took a student; she locked him out of the class because he said he wanted to kill them. In my opinion, she saved all those kids … she was helping, trying to save all those kids.”

As the school district deliberates on the matter, the debate over Stough’s actions and their consequences continues to grip the community, revealing a complex and emotionally charged situation.

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Source: AWM

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