Senator Tries to Smear Gen. Mattis As Sexist, Then MAD DOG Shows Up and Ends Her…


All of the confirmation hearing’s seemed to be smear campaign’s for Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo and Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis. Mad Dog wasn’t phased when Kirsten Gillibrand implied that he was sexist, he handled it like a pro. Keep scrolling to see his response…



From Young Conservatives:

During these hearings, the only thing Democrats really do is try to smear Republicans for being racist and/or sexist.

What else is new?

Kirsten Gillibrand, a liberal senator from New York, tried to imply that Mattis was a sexist by asking him about women in the military.

Didn’t phase him one bit.

In addition to trying to make him out to be a sexist, they went the homophobic route as well.



Handled like a true gentleman.

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