Republicans SHOW TRUE COURAGE! They Have REFUSED To Swear In Liberal Senator!


One of the things that people need to realize about the way that government works is that you can disagree with the person next to you, but you have to have some level of respect for that person as well.

If you know in your heart that you don’t respect that person you simply cannot go along with anything that they say. It is why there are so many measures in place that if you know someone cannot be trusted then you don’t have to let them sit at the table and help make decisions.

In a very explosive Debate, the Pennsylvania state Senate has refused to swear in a Democratic senator.

Dem Senator in the Middle

In a very unique scenario, GOP leaders in the battleground state of Pennsylvania have taken control of the traditional proceedings from Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. This was after Fetterman attempted to seat Sen. Jim Brewster for a new term.

Republicans hold the majority in the state Senate where they voted to remove the Lt. Gov. From presiding after he tried to take control over the chamber while fellow Democrats joined in.

A Democrat senator from Philadelphia, Anthony Williams, made a scene as the clerk was reading the names of confirmed senators.

“We will not participate in this farce,” Williams told Republican members.

The race Brewster was involved in has been highly contested.

The Maine Public reports:

Brewster’s race has been the most intensely contested of all the commonwealth’s 2020 down-ballot races.

The Department of State has confirmed that Brewster, the incumbent Democrat, won another term by 67 votes over Republican Nicole Ziccarelli — a verdict only reached after the state confirmed that certain mail ballots on which voters had failed to mark dates properly could still be counted.

Ziccarelli has challenged the results in federal court, and her case is still pending with no deadline for action. It asks for 311 mail ballots that arrived at election offices on time, but were missing handwritten dates, to be thrown out.

3 thoughts on “Republicans SHOW TRUE COURAGE! They Have REFUSED To Swear In Liberal Senator!

  1. thank you for showing true courage when all around you the swamp wants to succeed. WHEN YOU STAND TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG AND NO ONE CAN TAKE YOU DOWN.!!!!!!!!!

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