LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 01: A United Airlines plane takes off above American Airlines planes on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on October 1, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. United Airlines and American Airlines are set to start furloughing 32,000 employees today after negotiations for a new coronavirus aid package failed in Washington. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Report REVEALS Airline Illegally FORCED Them To Get Vaccine!


Woke companies like United Airlines have gone beyond their vaccination mandates to the point that it has violated some employees’ religious beliefs.

These woke companies should be reminded once again that one of the foundations of America is Religious liberty, this is why America continues to progress. But these certain groups hate this idea, the corporations, statists, socialists, and liberals because it undermines their own power and often provides a complete blockade on their agendas.

But this time United Airlines was caught in action by a federal appeals court, reports confirmed that some employees who were allowed for religious exemption are still forced to stop working, receive no pay, and stop getting benefits paid by the company, a set of conditions described as unpaid leave.

The court found United Airlines to have coerced its employees into complying with the mandates by granting the exemptions, but essentially putting those same employees on unpaid leave.

Making people choose between the food which nourishes their bodies, and that which they choose to feed their souls with is squarely un-American:

NTD News has more details about Judges Jennifer Walker Elrod and Andy Oldham’s comments:

“United has presented plaintiffs with two options: violate their religious convictions or lose all pay and benefits indefinitely.

That is an impossible choice for plaintiffs who want to remain faithful but must put food on the table. In other words, United is actively coercing employees to abandon their convictions,” Circuit Judges Jennifer Walker Elrod, a George W. Bush appointee, and Andy Oldham, a Trump appointee, wrote in the unsigned majority opinion.

Breitbart reported:

United Airlines is estimated to have placed around 2,000 employees who were granted religious or medical exemptions on unpaid leave for foregoing vaccination — a measure the company argued is a reasonable accommodation to its policy.

Those employees have also been stripped of their health benefits and many are the subject of a non-compete clause.

Sources: WeLoveTrump, Breitbart, NTD News



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