While some are flat out denying that Obama would be involved in wiretapping Donald Trump, some ex Obama officials are subtly confirming that his administration did do it!

Former spokes person for Obama, Kevin Lewis, released this statement after President Trump tweeted that Obama tapped his phones prior to the election:

Of course they would try and cover it up instead of admitting the truth. Everything that Obama and his minions have done thus far has been to smear the name of Donald Trump.

From Trump Gone Viral:

Interestingly, however, a number of other former Obama administration officials do not deny that such a wiretap existed. They just deny that the White House or Obama himself would have approved it or ordered it, and say that the Department of Justice would have sought it in consultation with a foreign intelligence surveillance, or FISA, court.

Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted that he would warn reporters against saying there was no wiretap.

And Favreau endorsed a Twitter feed that laid out the reporting about the existence of the wiretaps, which cited reporting from Louise Mensch, formerly of Heat Street, and The Guardian that the Obama DOJ had sought a FISA court approved surveillance warrant for Trump Tower back in the summer of 2016 that was denied but received a narrower focused warrant in October.

David Axelrod, another former Obama adviser, tweeted that such a wiretap would receive court approval “for a reason.”

They are very obviously not denying that there was a wiretap on President Trump. In fact, their trying to subtly say that they had good reason to tap Trump. Because he’s so corrupt, right?

I can already see how they’re going to flip this one on our President. But the corrupt one is actually Obama! And if President Trump keeps fearlessly moving forward, draining these snakes, America will soon see it too! Those who choose to not be blind, that is.


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