Pat Sajak Came Out Of Nowhere And Knocked Hillary Clinton Out


You just can’t make this stuff up.

Pat Sajak, long time host of the iconic show Wheel of Fortune, is apparently one hell of a funnyman, because what he did on social media is something no one expected, but left America in stitches.

Sajak, who now looks like he’s a Donald Trump supporter, hot off the scandal with Hillary Clinton being fed lines by the DNC Chair, Donna Brazile, went on Twitter last night and wrote this hilarious jab at the Clinton campaign:

That’s vicious, but Sajak wasn’t done yet. Apparently, he has a history of poking fun at the ridiculous Clinton campaign:

During the VP debate, where Tim Kaine did nothing but interrupt Mike Pence:

During the Presidential debate on CNN, where the moderators and Hillary ganged up on Trump:

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