OH BROTHER! New Reality Show Has 15 Men Competing To Get a 41-Year-Old Woman Pregnant


Romance? Apparently reality television is seeking to take it to a whole new level entirely. That is, if you want to call this latest incarnation of a television any type of “romance” at all. Of course, there are plenty of reality TV shows like Married at First Sight and the Bachelor, but now there is a new program called Labor of Love, and I have to warn you, this one is so controversial that you might not want any of your pre-teen kids watching it. You see, this show pits 15 men against each other in an effort to be the one who will get the chance to impregnate the female contestant, who clocks in at 41 years young. 

This new series is premiering on Fox, and they are definitely pushing the envelope at the very least and taking reality television to a new low of social depravity. After some people watch this show, what will be next? Will we have people advertising that they want to get pregnant on Craigslist or Facebook? Anyhow, I digress, but for this contest, we have 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann, who promises that she will skip any pretense of dating or trying to get a relationship and she will go right to the baby making process with the selected winner. Yes, this show is unique, and some would argue that it’s not in a good way. Indeed, the pretense has a lot of potential viewers wondering just how this whole process is going to work. 

It’s not just people in the Bible Belt who are shocked at the pretense of this show, but there are even some people in the entertainment industry who are taken aback that such a show is being produced. Kristin Davis of Sex and the City fame is going to be the host of the show, and perhaps not surprisingly she is in full support of this unusual arrangement. Katzmann and the sperm donor she chooses are just going to do the deed, just going “straight to making a baby.” Because that is definitely how things are done in the real world….NOT! 

Of course, characterizing and describing this show would definitely be a bit of a tall order, but journalist Stuart Heritage did his level best to be up to the task:

“Labor of Love is a dating show with a unique prize,” he wrote. “The men are competing for a real life flesh-and-blood baby. This entire show exists just to help the female contestant be able to choose a candidate that will impregnate her. In that sense, it’s not a dating, but simply a mating show. Obviously, the love is optional.”

Of course, in order for this out-of-the-box concept for a realty show to work, Katzmann has to be an unprecedented catch. And she definitely is, at least in every area except for her love life. Hence, the reason this individual has decided to use a realty TV show in order to become pregnant. However, while this woman is definitely no Trudy Wiegel (a Reno 911 character), this show still has its fair share of detractors.

Take the magazine Variety, for instance. For one thing, they are not a big fan of the fifteen men who are going to be competing against each other for this unique right to get the contestant pregnant. Needless to say, Variety didn’t have the best opinion of these fifteen men, saying some of them appeared more engaged with the contestant than some of the others, who appeared to just want to be there just to get some free drinks, some TV time, and their fifteen minutes of fame (no pun intended).

Of course, this show is going to have plenty of ways to thicken the plot as well. One way they are going to do this would be by allowing for appearances from these men’s own mothers, telling the audience just how great their son would be at fatherhood. Obviously, these men are not trailer park trash by any means, but this really is only a measure by the producers of the show to pique the curiousity of the viewers.

For her part, Katzmann is in a hurry to meet Mr. Right. She sat down for an interview with Fox and said that she wants to turn to reality television simply because she is well aware that her biological clock is ticking away.

“At the time that I’d decided to do this reality show, I had just turned 40, and I had just barely left one relationship,” she said. “I know that I still wanted to start a family, but how do you navigate dating when time is not on your side? This is why I think this show is a great story and it will resonate with a lot of women who might be in my shoes.”

What do you think about this woman’s courageous (or risque’) idea for trying to start a family?

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