Oh Boy, Biden Can’t Get The Names Of His Women Right!


A virtual meeting was held last Wednesday, where it was attended by Joe Biden and with governors and mayors at the White House. The said virtual meeting was set to discuss the current administration’s infrastructure plans.

And just like Biden’s previous virtual meeting that turned out to be awkward, this one is most awkward of all.

He tried to throw a joke to Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer which turned very awkward. Biden said, “Being mayor may be the toughest job in American politics because they know where you live.”

And he was confused Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer with his Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP Room War

Despite all the videos being released about Biden’s cognitive decline, the media still continues to ignore it.

Just recently, it was reported that Biden wandered when he returned to the White House after spending several days in his Delaware basement.

According to the Wayne Dupree report Joe Biden was so lost that one of his handlers/secret service agents had to point to him to show him where to walk:

Biden was shuffling towards the White House entrance, looking very unsteady, and doing that all-too-familiar “old man shuffle” that we see him do a lot – definitely not steady on his feet.

He’s carrying some kind of sachel, which in his unfortunate condition, sadly looks like a confused old woman who won’t let go of her purse…it’s a very striking visual. My Grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s, was that way. She would even carry her purse to the bathroom.

At any rate, the Secret Service is there, and one agent gives Joe a very clear hand signal showing him where he’s supposed to turn in to get inside the house.

And here are some of the comments from online:

“He’s just taking the long way to demonstrate his peak physical prowess. C’mon man.”

“And that’s Uncle Joe he’s a movin mighty slow at the junction…”
“81 million votes.”

“Weekend at Bernie’s White House edition”
“The look on the trailing agent’s face is priceless.”
“Good Lord, please help us”

“SS agents more like babysitters. They’ve gotta hate this gig”
“Shock collar with an invisible fence? Keep him where he needs to go”

“He literally needs a leash”

“Maybe we can fence him in, fences kinda work after all’
“Someone gave him WAY too much slack on his leash.”
“this is so epic, totally clueless”

“He is practically stumbling and seems not sure where to go..”
“He is so out of it”

“Oh c’mon! He’s just taking a stroll around…..you know….the thing!”

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Wayne Dupree

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