Snowden: Obama Admin PAID to Keep Devices Hackable!


Former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, says the biggest scandal in the CIA leaks is that the Obama government paid to keep software vulnerable so they can hack your phones, computers and TV’s!

In a Wikileaks press release, they have stated that the CIA has lost control of it’s hacking arsenal. Wikileaks has received 8,761 files and documents on the CIA, this is the largest publication they have had.

Edward Snowden points out the most alarming thing about the CIA leaks. This is the first public evidence that Obama’s government was secretly paying to keep our software unsafe and hackable!


This all means that the government has purposely left holes in your software so they can hack into it. Who knows what information they’re looking for and how many American’s they have hacked.

Check out the video below! Obama is such a liar!!!

It is time to bring all of the corrupt people in our government to justice!! Guess this why it was important to get everyone a cell phone.


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