BOOM: FBI Drops BOMBSHELL On Muslim Americans…Even The Left Is SHOCKED!

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Thank God Trump is our new President. What a relief considering Obama could care less about the American people. Especially in time of need.

Look what the FBI just revealed…

According to redwhiteandright,

Barack Obama didn’t really care much about protecting the American people, as fresh-breaking scandals have all but proven.

WHAT did taxpayer money help fund again…? I feel nauseous.

And why exactly did thousands upon thousands of Al-Qaeda intel documents disappear under Obama’s so-called watch? What was that about, Barack?

We’ll never get answers to these questions, though, not from the president who would never, eversay the words “Radical Islamic Terrorist” in the entire eight years of his incompetent presidency.

But how would Obama respond to this, I wonder?

Just don’t count on seeing this piece of news on any of the mainstream sources…for obvious reasons.

One of America’s most in-the-know when it comes to terror threats against the country offered up some shocking news during a recent radio interview; rather, it’s not shocking, it’s just downright ALARMING.

Anyway, listen up, America: Here’s a guy who knows what he’s talking about, and when it comes to the true threats of Islam and jihadists, the threat to America is even deeper and darker than reported.

“Former FBI counter-terrorism Special Agent John Guandolo argued that the ‘vast majority’ of the 2,200 Islamic organizations, center and mosques in the United States are a part of a broader ‘Jihadi network’intent on imposing Sharia law in America,” Breitbart reported.

Sharia, for those who aren’t quite up to speed on this term, refers to the hardline Islamic belief that women are inferior and must be accompanied by an approved male escort when they travel outside the home; that women must be dressed in garments that fully cover their bodies, head to toe, in public; that proper punishment for thieves is to cut off their hands; that proper punishment for adulterers, gays and transexuals is death; and that those who don’t believe in Allah or follow the Muslim religion are apostates and should be converted or killed.

And now here comes Guandolo, saying the bulk of America’s 2,200 Islamic facilities are tied to jihadis bent on spreading Sharia.

Under Barack Obama’s presidency, this information would be largely ignored.

So consider it a godsend that President Donald Trump is in the White House – President Trump, who’s not afraid to say radical Islam in one breath, and who’s not bothered by the political incorrectness of blaming terrorism attacks on radical Islamics.

That earth-shattering executive order is sounding more and more like common sense, isn’t it?

With Trump, such information could actually be read, disseminated and used to fight the war on terror.

With Trump, it’s not likely groups like CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, will sway the White House from enacting its crackdowns on the border, in the name of security, and its slowdowns on immigration from seven global hot spots for terror.

In other words, with Trump, this information from Guandolo won’t go untouched, unread, unused, but will actually be part and parcel of Trump’s vowed fight against terrorism and promise to rid the world of ISIS.

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Are you surprised?


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  1. Huzzah! The re-awakening of the American Republic drugged by Hussein Barack Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Leftist Socialist Liberal ideals to impose surreptitiously Sharia Law and break down the U.S. Constitution.

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